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Weekend Coffee Share – Presidential Edition

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that we’ve spent most of the week sick. This has made everything take longer, like blog posts, or ya know, life. #SickGate

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But that means, not your standard sort of coffee post this week. Instead of talking about us, let’s talk the world a bit more.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I saw something ridiculous this week in the news. John McAfee is running for president.

This told me a lot of things. First, it told me there’s a person with the name McAfee responsible for the antivirus software. Second, it explains a lot about the antivirus that acts like a virus to me: it’s about building up name recognition, so he could run for president one day. The antivirus that tries to sneak onto your computer along with other software downloads, and that is almost impossible to remove? Yeah, we know which one that is.

Third, it tells me that people with no chance of actually winning are running for president. Because of the reasons given above about his software…

And fourth, it tells me that it’s just a year for running if you have issues to talk about.

If we were having coffee, I would mention that I was a political science minor in college. Well, more political theory. Which has made this a fascinating year so far for me to watch.

I would mention that we don’t talk politics much on Comparative Geeks (or our Facebooks, for that matter). We like to approach these issues from non-standard angles, instead. Like our Science Fiction Today posts – today’s issues through the lens of tomorrow. Indeed, Science Fiction Today was my original idea for a blog.

But next year’s presidential election is just too soon for a science fiction sort of approach. Um… Woman President? Laura Roslin and Battlestar Galactica? Yeah, that’s what I’ve got.

I’m sure we’ll hear lines about how we’re at “the point in history” when a woman president is inevitable. Well, maybe. When as many men as have come out to oppose her, well… what it means for one thing that the opposition is going to splinter, making her win almost inevitable. Especially if one runs outside of a party – someone like Trump? He does seem to almost be actively working towards something like a Hillary presidency…

Given enough cofee, I could rule the world!

If we were having coffee, I would say that all of the stuff about an election 14 months out is pure speculation. There are other things to talk about at this point.

Because if it’s a year for issues, for running to talk about things (if the results really seem so inevitable?), then I have a couple of questions for you, my coffee friend.

First, what if a blogger ran for president? Someone who was all over social media, and had multiple ways you could contact them. Ways you could talk to and debate them. Engage with them. Ways that you could get to know a presidential candidate.

Second, would you write-in vote for a blogger candidate? Or would they need to legitimately be on the ticket?

Third, what would you want to see in a blogger candidate? I’ll leave that open-ended for your input.

And fourth, would you contribute at all to a blogger’s campaign?

I am really interested in everyone’s thoughts, so let me know in the comments below! I leave this open as a discussion to our overseas friends as well – I’d be interested in your input, either on the US side or in your own country! And don’t forget the linkup over on Part-Time Monster!