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Interview of Natacha Guyot: Author, Star Wars fan, and Comparative Geek!

Our blogging friend and Comparative Geeks contributor Natacha Guyot, of Science Fiction, Transmedia & Fandom, has a book coming out this week! It’s about Star Wars, something she has blogged here about before.

The book is called A Galaxy of Possibilities, and it’s out on September 9th. Details below on how to get it! But with that all coming together, we thought it would be fun to interview her about the book and about Star Wars. With that, I hope you enjoy!

CG: So let’s start with the easiest and hardest question: why Star Wars?

N: I have been a Star Wars fan since I was a child. I grew up with the Original Trilogy, the Expanded Universe books and video games and loved the Prequels when I was in my teens. Star Wars has been important in my decision to get into professional cinema school and then go to university for Media Studies. There is so much I love about Star Wars, the story, the characters, the themes. There is a richness that allows for rewatch, reread and so many things to research, even almost 40 years after A New Hope’s release.

Galaxy - Revised CoverCG: This isn’t the first edition of A Galaxy of Possibilities, but a revised edition. What brought you back to the text to add more?

N: The first edition came together rather organically but I still had the impression I could develop a bit more. It was when I began thinking about a print edition that I realized I could truly add bonus chapters. The original edition was a bit short was a good print version. In the end, I revised everything besides writing two new pieces. I think that the new edition makes for a more meaningful essay collection in regards to the themes I develop in it: representation and storytelling.

CG: What got you writing about Star Wars in the first place?

N: Several of my first times in writing had to do with Star Wars, included my first published piece, nonfiction about Christian symbols in the movies (shortly after The Phantom Menace release if I recall correctly). Many of my research papers in higher education involved Star Wars one way or the other. Continuing to work on this fictional universe is natural as I grow as an author. I had several pieces about Star Wars that eventually gave birth to the idea of A Galaxy of Possibilities and from there; I wrote more chapters and organized them.

CG: If you could live in any Star Wars era, which would it be and why?

N: This is a tough question! Can I travel in time to visit several of them?! It is a tie between the Old Republic and post Return of the Jedi eras. I’d rather avoid war times, so I could travel more without being in danger. I think I’d need a few lifetimes just to see all the planets and people I’d love to meet.

CG: We are pro-Time Travel at Comparative Geeks, so that answer works!
Star Wars has a new studio at the helm in Disney. What are you hoping they bring to the universe? What are you afraid that they bring to the universe?

N: I’m not really afraid of what could happen. Even if they produce books, movies or TV shows I don’t like, I will just pretend they don’t exist. I did this before with every story that took place after the end of the New Jedi Order series. In such large media franchises, it is rare to like everything. I am also in what seems the minority who loves the Prequels!

As for what I’d hope to see, I would like to see TV shows and/or movies taking place in the MMORPG, The Old Republic times, with some of the game’s characters. This would be a treat!

CG: One of the big things that happened with the Disney purchase was the end of LucasArts. How do you feel about the future of Star Wars video games?

N: I have played a fair number of the Star Wars video games, though mostly the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series and the KOTOR ones. I hope to see more Bioware/EA games for the franchise. Right now, I am looking forward the third expansion of SWTOR. As long as it is RPG games, I may be likely to play them.

CG: I have to admit, I learned the word Transmedia from you and your blog. Tell us about your interest in it!

N: I like that Transmedia has a more inclusive ring to it than its predecessor Multi Media has. With how stories can be shared on so many platforms, it adds to their “mythical” aspect in how they touch so many people and can last in their minds.

I got acquainted with the notion after high school, when I studied more about media franchises, and it happens that several universes I love fall into this Transmedia category. I have worked on franchises, especially Science Fiction, for the past ten years. This is how Transmedia started to be included in my nonfiction writing.

CG: This isn’t your first book about Star Wars. What else have you written?

N: I wrote an eBook about Star Wars: The Old Republic and how female characters were portrayed in the MMORPG. Back then, only the original game had been released, but I hope to write about the game again within the next couple of years, now that several expansions have been released. My second year’s paper research (from my first MA) was also published (in French). It looked at Star Wars’s multicultural influences and how it turned it into a “cult” universe.

The next Star Wars book project I have is one about the Prequels and why they matter. After seeing so much hate for them, I feel the need to show that they have qualities and that they shouldn’t be put under a rug.

CG: Alright, so the revised edition of A Galaxy of Possibilities is out on September 9, 2015. Where can people get their (digital) hands on it?

You can find the New Revised Edition on all Amazon websites, including Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Australia. You can also check the book’s Goodreads page. I hope you enjoy reading it! The print version will be available through several retailers within the next months as well. So stay tuned, if you’d like to hold the book in your non-digital hands.

Thank you very much for this interview, David and Holly!

Thanks to Natacha for the interview! Check out this book or her others, her blog, what have you! Find her on Twitter @natachaguyot!