The Nine Alignments of Captain America!

Yesterday’s alignment grid was for the Thor movies – today it’s the Captain America movies. Maybe at some point we’ll be able to figure out One Alignment Grid to Rule Them All, when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe… for now, the Captain America movies come pretty close to including most of the main characters! Civil War will especially make that the case!

The Nine Alignments of Captain America

Sorry this is a bit later, busy day! Should have tomorrow’s up sooner. We’ll give you a guess as to what it’s going to be…

3 responses to “The Nine Alignments of Captain America!

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  3. I’d personally switch out Chaotic Good guy (names escape me today!) and Nick Fury. Nick Fury always seems to be an agent of chaos (part of his job description, maybe) but wants to do good (even when misguided). However the other character seems to remain in the confines of his morality, even as he joins the fray.


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