Even More Sins with Music Video Sins!

From the makers of CinemaSins, we found a whole other channel on Youtube called Music Video Sins! We’ve been enjoying these because we’ve always liked CinemaSins, but they’ve gotten pretty long. These videos are only a few minutes and easier to watch because of it!

Sorry, today fully got away from me so not much more than this. More details on that tomorrow. But how about another video below the fold?


One thing that we’ve noticed as a sin in a LOT of the videos we’ve watched is the product placement for Beats audio by Dr. Dre which is, apparently, a thing. Clearly he needs to do product placement… Here’s one where it comes up early.

The rest of that one is pretty funny too. Enjoy – and let us know which video is your favorite!


One response to “Even More Sins with Music Video Sins!

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