Life Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Holly and David would like to apologize for this interruption to the regularly scheduled blog post, but our life is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. Please take this moment to watch this video of elephants at the Elephant Nature Park playing with an exercise ball.

-The Management


8 responses to “Life Experiencing Technical Difficulties

  1. Hope you’re able to sort it out. Let me know if I can do stuff or anything. 😦 Sorries.

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  2. Second what Gene’o said, and on a lighter note, when that elephant started walking backwards!! Hahah.

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  3. I hope everything is ok.

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  4. I third what Gene’O said 😀 (I hope you sort things out and let me know if you need anything).

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  5. What everyone else said…reach out if there is anything that tyou need or if you need to vent, etc.

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  6. ❤ Elephants are amazing.

    Hope the difficulties are ironed out soon, but it happens—especially when there's a tiny but very demanding human depending on you.

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  7. The big reason for this post was the fact that we were suddenly facing having to make some big decisions over a condensed timeframe. David is actually going to write more about it on Saturday but we were both just mentally exhausted by the end of it. Also had to let some things go. I recognize this is all first world problems but when you thought you were going one direction and suddenly have to re-examine that direction it just takes a lot out of you.


  8. Forgot to say thank you to everyone for all the support.


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