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Mad Max: Fury Road & Religion

Worship at the altar of steering wheels.

Worship at the altar of steering wheels.

David and I finally got to watch Mad Max: Fury Road because it came out for digital purchase last week and we knew we wanted to own it. As many others did, we both loved the movie and are super excited to watch it again.

One of the things that I personally found fascinating about the movie was the religious elements that were presented. In a post-apocalyptic society it makes sense that the standard religions and organizations would have dissolved or melded into something new. This is very much the case with the War Boys of Immortan Joe and can be seen in a variety ways throughout the movie. The other piece is that the language and act of worship by the War Boys makes complete sense for the time and place and shows an example of how religion can change based on the society’s circumstances. In this society where resources are scarce and people are dying they are simply looking for hope of something better.

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