Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories as the Munchkin Video Game

I have been playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 on Playstation 3 and recently started the game Chain of Memories which originally came out on the Gameboy Advanced. I never got to play Chain of Memories originally so it has been really interesting to play through it now. There are some aspects of the game that I am not a huge fan of, but the story is the tie-in between Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2.

The element that is particularly intriguing (although not always well executed) are the use of cards. The cards are used to generate rooms and to make attacks. David actually points out that there are quite a few elements that are reminiscent of Munchkin and Munchkin Quest and in fact could serve as a great example of how to make a Munchkin Video Game.

Munchkin Quest in action! From this post:

Munchkin Quest in action! From this post.

Use of Cards

The first piece that works well is the use of cards. You run into enemies and then utilize cards to make attacks. In Kingdom Hearts this functions as basic attacks, spells, and potions. The player gets to build the deck they want to use based on the situation they would be facing. This could work similarly with a Munchkin game where you collect cards with ever increasing ridiculous elements and build the deck of cards you want to use based on the situation.

The other piece that would work well is the room generation. In Kingdom Hearts you get to select the type of room that gets generated, but with Munchkin it would be great to have it randomly generate the room with the potential effects.

Rooms With Effects

The rooms that have different effects fits perfectly with the Munchkin Quest: Board Game. As you enter into a new room instead of picking which effect to use the game could randomly generate the effect. These effects could display in the corner and then you could adjust your cards accordingly to deal with the monsters in the room. This could also work to have a couple rooms with no monsters that allow for buying and trading cards. It would be great if there was a way to make these cards more likely to generate, that would allow you to make it through the course more easily. The important thing is to keep the random element alive because that is such a large part of the Munchkin game.

Monster Fighting

From this post:

From this post.

The most important part of any Munchkin game would be fighting monsters. This works really well with a video game. Now in the board game you are just trying to get to level 20 and fight the final monster.

With a video game it would be interesting to have you be able to make a run for the final monster at any time, but unless you have the right combination of level and cards it is going to be difficult to beat. In Chain of Memories you have to collect special cards to unlock the boss fights. This could be the same as a Munchkin game because essentially it would be a dungeon crawler.

Munchkin Video Game

There would obviously be some aesthetic things to work out, but there are so many elements that could work so well in a Munchkin video game. The interesting thing would be to do the various level as the various types of Munchkin card games – like pirate, space, kung fu, fantasy, etc. Then as you go along you culminate in this battle royale of all of the types with you having collected cards from each type that you would be able to utilize. It would definitely be a fun, crazy, and interesting game that could be put together with the elements presented in Munchkin.

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