5 Great Baby Products (from day 1)

With baby showers, registry, hand-me-downs, and such, it’s easy to be quickly drowning in a sea of baby things. And the savvy shoppers will also buy you larger size clothes, which are great with the baby growing so fast but aren’t essential from the get-go. And there’s always the fun toys, books, all that, which the baby just does not pay attention to at first.

And while we’re starting now to get some use out of these more advanced items with the Geek Baby, there were several items which stood out as really excellent at first, and it seems like a good time to reflect back on them. I was presenting last week at a “Just for Dads” class for expecting dads, and was asked what sorts of stuff I recommended having, and that got me thinking about it.

This list isn’t completely geeky… but it is somewhat. Certainly several of these are items for “parents these days” and are probably not things that would have made a list like this in the past! So in no particular order, five baby things that got a ton of use right from the start with our Geek Baby!

The Boppy Pillow


A top shower gift! So you’ve probably heard of this one. Apparently.

Just seeing it, this seemed like a good idea. It’s a C-shaped pillow that rests comfortably across the legs and around the stomach. Its obvious use is as an ergonomic pillow for use breastfeeding. However, we found other reasons we liked it.

For one thing, it does a lot to remove the weight of the baby from the rest of your body. For a tired mom (or dad!) this is great. That also means that, when you have a fussy or needy or clingy baby and are getting tired walking or swaying or doing whatever with them, sitting down and resting them with the Boppy is a good way to rest for a moment.

The Boppy also can apparently be used as the baby grows, to lean on, to sit back against, these sorts of things. They plan for you to be able to use it for years. But we were using it from the start, and it sure beats just using some random pillow for doing the same thing!

We got a second slip cover (since that’s washable!) but haven’t really needed it yet. As to that – your mileage may vary!

The Kimono/Jedi Sleeper

See, here’s some geekiness right here! We got a few pajama sleepers that are kimono style. They’re soft, they’re open at the bottom, and they button down the side. Lots of good stuff there. The open has been great for summer – it’s been a warm one here! Buttoning down the side is great at first, so that it’s not rubbing the umbilical cord.

And we got some brown ones, which look a whole lot like Jedi robes.

Jedi Robes!

*starts whistling Duel of the Fates*

It was these which came to the hospital with us, and it was a good choice.

The Boba Wrap

Boba wrap

The Boba wrap.

Another branded name, the Boba wrap could also be considered to be a gigantic scarf. It’s just a big long soft piece of fabric, fairly wide… the real value added is the instruction on how to tie it. Deftly wrapped around the body, it becomes a perfect baby carrier!

The obvious reason that it’s nice to attach the baby to you like this is that it gives you use of your hands – something you don’t realize how much you need until you don’t have them! So this is great even around the house, just for being able to go around and do things while still having the baby near.

The Boba carrier. With Spider-Man photo bombing in the back...

The Boba carrier. With Spider-Man photo bombing in the back…

That said, having a carrier like this also meant that we were out of the house with the Geek Baby from really early on, keeping snuggled, keeping safe. People have been amazed to see Holly out of the house, in public – but we were doing so from early on, and things like this wrap made that possible.

We also have a straps carrier, more heavy duty, also from Boba. The biggest difference we’ve found is that the carrier is way harder to put on by yourself, while the wrap you can! That’s an important difference for when you would use each product.

The Baby Connect App

Here we go, back to a fully modern, geeky product. Our brain these past months. The Baby Connect App.

One of their iTunes store screenshots - our app is full of personal data!

One of their iTunes store screenshots – our app is full of personal data!

This app will keep track of diapers, feedings, measurements, sleep, all kinds of things! We’re not using as much of the features anymore, but at first we were tracking all kinds of things, especially when the Geek Baby was seeing doctors every few days! Then it turns all that data into handy graphs, and gives you different ways to look at the information and trends.

The best part though has to be the syncing between devices, which works quickly and seamlessly, and allowed Holly and I to both track things on our phones. Which also means in the early chaos, it didn’t matter which phone was handy or charged – we could track. And in our sleep-deprived states, this really has been our brain.

We would definitely recommend having an app like this, and we’ve been very satisfied with this app in particular!

All the Things! to go with the Car Seat

Adapt All the Things!

Once we had our car seat, we started finding things we could do with it… and more and more things…

The car seat is a pretty hefty investment on its own. Getting a second could put you back a good chunk. But meanwhile, the base it sits on is so much safer than just buckling it into a car… the base now clips into the frame of the car itself, and is way safer. But that would mean moving the base from car to car at times…

Or, it’s way cheaper to buy a second base. So that happened.

And then there’s strollers… but a lot of those are set up for when the child can sit up. So really, the car seat is the best seat for that… and so we got the adapter appropriate for our brand of car seat, and have that for the stroller we got at our baby shower.

But that’s a big outdoor stroller (so the Geek Baby has been out in all sorts of nature, and has been pretty close to a bear cub…), but what about indoors? Well, we found a “car seat caddy” which locks in our car seat, and then is basically straight down – so it takes up a pretty small space footprint, and is really light and maneuverable.

All those accessories for about the cost of a second car seat. So, that’s been waaaaaaay more efficient!

Our Car Seat Fu has been improving over time… like at first we were always bringing the car seat into the house with us, and taking our time strapping in and out. We’ve added accessories over time. But just taking our time with this, finding the best ways to use the car seat to the point now where it’s the single thing that attaches to something and goes with us everywhere – that started from the beginning.

Final Thought

If it seems like we haven’t seen or played a lot of new things lately… reading library books… using subscriptions services to watch shows… yeah, the mentions above of all the baby products to buy might give some insight into that!

How about you – any essential early baby products to recommend? I hope we have them already, but maybe not! Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

6 responses to “5 Great Baby Products (from day 1)

  1. We had so many things for our baby, and well most of them seemed essential at first and then turned out a bit overrated. My favourite is the carry scarf, my girl is now almost a year and a half and we still use it. It is woven a certain way and isn’t soft but is comfortable and will last forever. I never opted for a carrier and all the research I did around them turned me off big time… Just look at how those legs dangle… We bought a stroller that came wit baby carrier and car seat but only used the pram/carrier part for three months and then started using the carry scarf. So we now have a stroller we don’t use as my girl is mostly walking or being carried.
    My philosophy now is but it once you need it (real bad for the baby equipment economy) and grandparents don’t listen to that…

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    • Yeah grandparents don’t listen to that, and we’ve gotten a ton of stuff second hand from friends who’ve been waiting for someone else to please finally have a child so it’s not just them…

      We also don’t live somewhere where we can walk anywhere useful, so we’ll be in the car with the Geek Baby for a long time! And unless we want the cheapest stuff from WalMart, it’s Amazon for us… And a week’s wait. So as needed has required some guessing and forethought!

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  2. All awesome things 🙂 We have a carseat & two bases, with a stroller that the carseat clicked into easily. So helpful for a non mobile baby!
    My favorites for the first year you might be interested in include the Fisher Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse, Silicone placemat, chain links, and pacifier straps. If you want to see my whole blog post I am more than happy to share!

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  3. NotAPunkRocker

    I think you need to get to the Boba company and figure out how to make a Boba Fett version of the Boba wrap (or maybe it’s a Jango Version? IDK)

    So much has changed since M was a baby. Sniffle. The best thing I ever did was get a crib mirror when he was finally learning to focus on things. I could sleep a few minutes longer (or “sleep”, since I could hear him) listening to him talk to himself. (no worries, he did not develop an ego problem from this either!)


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