Can We Talk About Lego Dimensions?

Maybe it’s just me, but the hard part about talking about this game might actually be avoiding the all caps response… like OH MY GOD THIS GAME LOOKS AMAZING HOW DID THEY EVEN?!?!?!?!

I’ve started following them on Instagram, and it’s just increasingly breaking my brain. For one thing, the game looks like it is going to have access to basically all of the intellectual properties that have been Lego video games. Certainly Lord of the Rings, DC, and just about anything that made it into the Lego Movie. Also Jurassic Park.

However, it’s the new properties – ones that we secretly hoped would get their own individual games, or else never even imagined – that have me so excited for this game. So after the jump, have three amazing trailers for things that you’ll see in Lego Dimensions! And then I’ll lament the problem with the game…

WHAT?!? Yes please. I think we’ve been hoping for this to be a thing ever since we saw the Lego Back to the Future time machine model.

DOUBLE WHAT?!?! That’s a video game inside a video game. I expected movies. I did not expect video games. And how cool is it going to be to basically have another Portal game?

TRIPLE WHAT?!?!?! So that’s TV shows in the mix as well, and it’s of all things Doctor Who! As I saw someone comment, it’s the least kid-friendly Doctor in Peter Capaldi, in a video game. And yet, it seems like it’s going to be absolutely brilliant.

Oh, there’s also The Simpsons. And more details on Wikipedia.

So Here’s the Problem

Rather than being a traditional video game, or even a modern sort of game with lots of DLC to buy, this game is going to be more. It’s going to be one of those buy-real-world-toys games like Skylanders or Disney Infinity. Which honestly makes a whole lot of sense coming from Lego: they have the toys and toy brand already. It’s kind of their thing.

However, it leaves me wondering if I’m their target audience here. Is this game more for kids, who get the twofer of the Lego toys and the video game? Or is it in truth aimed at us, adults who can afford to buy 50 different sets (hyperbole?) and play the game as the main entertainment.

I don’t know that our house can hold that many Lego sets, nor our wallets afford to truly fuel this game… But I hope that we can support a bit of a habit!


5 responses to “Can We Talk About Lego Dimensions?

  1. NotAPunkRocker


    Oh, sorry.

    I mean, I don’t know about this game only because of the same format as the two others you mentioned. Still though…pretty nifty looking. We’ll see. 🙂

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    • We’ll see indeed! It seems like it’s going to be real expensive over time… But you’re also collecting Legos over time! It sounds like the sets are going to be minifigs and vehicles, which could be neat!


  2. It looks amazing. It might be the only Lego game I’d considering buying an entire game console for. I love that it’s a smorgasbord of pop culture.

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