Daily Archives: July 14, 2015

Genderfication of Color, or Why are All the Baby Clothes Pink?

Pink and purple hanging toy mat

For those of you who do not know David and I recently added an addition to our family in the form of a new Geek Baby, who happens to be a girl. Besides some things to consider when she was born, when changing her, or with the name we gave her there is not much reason that her being a girl matters at this age.

At the same time when it comes to baby clothes it is amazing the difference color schemes that you will find in baby clothes that are designated as “for girls.” The fact that some baby clothes are designated “girl” is kind of ridiculous in my opinion because generally it does not matter. At the same time the thing that I am finding is that the way they designate clothes as “girl” is through the color and it is just ridiculous that we would decide that we need to color things differently based on gender. It does not entirely end there because there are toys and more that also get color coded along the same lines. The interesting thing is definitely that we buy into this delineation literally. Continue reading