Daily Archives: July 13, 2015

I’ve been listening to another episode of… Chain Attack

Chain Attack

Over 200 episodes in, I started listening to the Warmachine and Hordes battlereport podcast Chain Attack. With my limited knowledge of Warmachine, it’s been a great way to get to know more about the game, hear some games played, hear some of their thoughts from seeing things actually play out. Because some things work very differently on paper than they do in practice!

The other thing that came from me coming upon a podcast so far into its run – with 200 episodes available on iTunes for free – with limited information or interest is that I have been picking and choosing what to listen to. Starting from things I knew better, and moving to things I don’t. Meaning I’m bouncing around through time, from recent to years ago. And that’s where I actually got a lot of appreciation for this podcast.

Because with years of doing it, they still match their original format pretty well (with some added regular features). They had a clear vision for doing something that they could do week-upon-week for years. As a blogger, I really strongly recognize the value in that, and can appreciate what it took to get from there to here.

Their general episode has two people who played a game, going through a slow crawl of playing every Warcaster or Warlock in the game – they’re into their second round of that now, at higher points. Then one or two other folks also watched the game and took notes, and they proceed to talk through the armies, then the game as a whole. Then, since they’re working through all the leaders in the game, they go through each that was played and rate them on the same categories. They have this down to a one-hour-podcast of science.

However, it’s as I’ve chosen to listen to some of their non-standard podcasts that I’ve really started to like Chain Attack and appreciate it and its creators.  Continue reading