Daily Archives: June 19, 2015

We Have To Get Bigger

We put out the call, the call for bloggers – and you assembled wonderfully. And when it was time, we engaged the machine, we woke the world – and guest posts have been running ever since. I’ve been using an Avengers analogy throughout, from Jonathan Hickman’s recent run which I’ve enjoyed so much. It goes kind of like this.

Previously in Avengers

Maybe we’re talking about blogging instead of the end of the world, but otherwise the analogy has held strong. In fact, it’s pretty amazing.

So as you can see above, Captain America and Iron Man built a literal “Avengers Machine,” a roster-keeper and planning device. In the analogy, that makes it the blog – Comparative Geeks itself. Now, you can find me on this blog actually excited for the idea of the machine coming back after the Infinity event – they led issues with an image of the machine and which Avengers would be showing up. Instead, this happened the next issue.

The Machine Served Its Purpose

Much like for us – the machine served its purpose. It got us through the arrival of the Geek Baby, and many weeks of missed sleep and learning how to parent. Anyway, I guess I just equated that to an intergalactic war – works for me. Steve goes on with some minutiae in the comic, but Tony stops him…

Undergoing Constant Change

That’s where we’re at with Comparative Geeks. We may not be able to blog as constantly and consistently as we’ve been used to – we just don’t know. But that doesn’t mean that the blog shouldn’t keep going strong.

We’ve had some fantastic guest posts, and many bloggers who have now written quite a few posts. You can find all of them now on the sidebar on our Authors page. And they have more ideas, more desire to write. And we have more need for writing.

So will we keep having posts here? Yes we will! Monday through Friday, post-a-day. Will they all be by Holly and I? No they will not. Does that make the other posts guest posts? Nope. At this point, I think that makes them contributors. And it means now, interactions with these bloggers is kind of like this:

Interested in writing for Comparative Geeks? I know we had a number of offers before, thoughts on series, folks who were busy in the short term but maybe not the long term. Start the conversation in the comments below!