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Supernatural – An Overview Part 1: The Heroes

supernatural logoSupernatural has been running for ten years, and remains one of my favourite shows. Fact is, there’s a lot to like. Let’s start with the array of supernatural creatures; wendigos, witches, ghosts, vampires, demons, werewolfs, killer clowns – you name it, they’ve had it. The Winchester brothers have come up against urban legends, creatures from folklore, biblical dieties, and have even ventured into an alternative reality or two. Who can forget the time they fell into a world where alternate versions were actors playing the Winchesters in a television show called Supernatural – yep, it takes a moment or two to get your head around!

But it’s about more than the creatures. What we have are two brothers who would die for one another (and have more than once!). They ride around in a kick-ass car, and are thrust into delicious adventures, which keep fans entertained week after week. It’s the connection you feel – a genuine investment in the characters. We need the good guys to win, and they sure have to fight for it.

It can be dark, and most often is, but this is counterbalanced by the humour – humour which comes in the shape of an angel or two, the king of hell, an old hunter and, of course, Sam and Dean Winchester.

This is a two-part review of Supernatural in which I will delve into the characters; the heroes and the villains. This time I’m sticking with the side of good, so join me as I reminisce about all that is great about Supernatural, and why we root for the winning team.

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