Are You Watching Lip Sync Battle?

One of our recent finds on YouTube is Lip Sync Battle, a show that needs a little explanation – but also doesn’t. The easy part is that they get two celebrities on and have them battle it out, Lip Syncing a song, and the crowd picks the winner. It’s on Spike, and hosted by LL Cool J.

And so they opened with Dwayne Johnson versus Jimmy Fallon.

Yes, that’s the Rock singing Taylor Swift. Alright, so they had us hooked.

It’s based on a segment that Jimmy Fallon ran occasionally (thus bringing him in to kick off the stand-alone show). Fallon’s segment is based on an idea by Emily Blunt and her husband. Another reason to love Emily Blunt, as Holly will tell you!

Given that it’s also based on Jimmy Fallon’s success, they are of course posting full videos of the songs on YouTube. So even though we don’t have Spike, we have this show, which is great.

They added an online-only element to the show, as well. So they brought in YouTubers to run this – and that’s the last piece that caught our attention. One of their hosts? Elliott Morgan. We’d wondered where he went when he was suddenly no longer on Mashable.

So after the break, check out the pre-show with Elliott Morgan, and then you can watch to see how round two of the Lip Sync Battle worked out between The Rock and Jimmy Fallon!

Having Elliott Morgan involved means they have a lot of YouTubers they can draw in, and get the two mediums meeting up. Celebrities on the show, web personalities on YouTube, and… yeah, it’s something YouTubers have been wanting for a while from some of Jimmy Fallon’s work on YouTube – acknowledgement of YouTubers.

So yeah, after an initial basic, karaoke-style Lip Sync Battle, they go all out with costumes and backup dancers. And you get something kind of like this:

Oh, and before you go, here’s a link to our favorite Lip Sync Battle with Jimmy Fallon. Emma Stone is a badass!

13 responses to “Are You Watching Lip Sync Battle?

  1. I love the lip sync battles! Will Ferrell was funny, Dwayne rocked (sorry), and my favourite so far is Paul Rudd πŸ˜€

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  2. OMG! Tuesday’s #queerpop is about Lip Sync Battle!

    I am very glad other people are enjoying this show. πŸ˜€

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  3. Interesting idea the programme


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  5. Awww… the last video was region-locked. 😦 Boo. But that was really awesome. πŸ™‚ The Rock is such a cool guy.

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    • I do wonder if they aren’t quite getting the rights to all of them… One of them online only had one of the two songs. I’m guessing the other song they didn’t get the rights to put online. So it might all just be case by case basis for region locking!

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      • Could be. Last year, The Daily Show summarily region locked everything, so it’s probably an ad revenue thing. :-/ at least I can still watch John Oliver!

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