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Wake The World


Wake the World

A few months back, we put out a call for guest blog posts. Our blog has a strong following, a lot of friends. We didn’t want to go dark all of a sudden, even if our need to do so was great. We figured, if you were willing to help keep us alive, we would be here.

And respond you did! So now, thanks to the Geek Baby, Holly and I are out of commission. But Comparative Geeks will keep on schedule, posting four solid posts a week, Monday through Thursday, and one more fun post on Fridays. The Friday posts were developed in advance, so hopefully you like them and they have stayed relevant.

For all new followers and friends from the A to Z Challenge, welcome! I have just detailed our normal schedule, and you should see that steady as we move forward.

For everyone, please welcome and engage with all these great guest bloggers and guest blog posts! Check out their blogs and give them a follow too, it’s good stuff.

And Guest Bloggers, thank you. This is for you.

We were Avengers.

We were Avengers.