Looking Forward to Game of Thrones Season 5

David and I love Game of Thrones we have read the books and watched the entire series so far.  Now we are about to go into Season 5 of the show, which is basically going to catch up to the book. There have already been a lot of the scenes from the books that have played out amazingly on screen and then there are other stories that have been expanded or changed due to the direction the show has needed to go. There are a lot of things coming up in season 5 that David and I are looking forward to. There are a few things though that we are really excited about that are going to happen during season 5. 

Book 4 and 5 Combined

Book 4 and 5 take place during the same time, but each book follows different characters along the same time period. With the show you cannot just have half the characters disappear for a season so that means that we are going to get to see the stories following the time period that they are supposed to follow. Reading book 5 it definitely became a little confusing to try and remember what was happening in the other locations and other characters. I understand why they did it this way, but it will be interesting to see how events line up on the show.


In case you do not already know Arya is one of my favorite characters. I love her whole story, but I have been waiting for this season because Arya’s story comes alive in Braavos. She has gotten to the point that she has literally lost everything and now is the time for her to find herself. Braavos gives her that chance and it will be interesting to see how the show handles this transformation and the journey that Arya goes on.

Sand Snakes

Now the other part of this next season of Game of Thrones that is going to be exciting is the Sand Snakes. The Sand Snakes are the bastard daughters of Oberyn Martell who are all deadly in one way or another. There are 8 daughters and they all have there own set of skills. These women are amazons and they do not let anyone tell them what to do and how to act. It will be exciting to see their story played out on screen because they are such dynamic characters.

Varys and Tyrion

The big thing that is not from the books that I am excited about is the adventures of Varys and Tyrion. In the books Tyrion actually ends up off by himself, but now on the show we are bringing Varys along for the ride. Honestly if they made a show with just these two characters I would be excited. To be able to watch these two interacting on screen will be very exciting. Both of them are the kings of secrets so their interactions are always like a finely tuned chess game. It will be interesting to see where they take their story.

General Changes

The other part that has been interesting with all the seasons is that there have been changes that they have had to make to tell the story on screen versus the books. I am always interested in how they are going to change the story and where those changes come into the story. Some of them are small changes, such as emphasizing one scene over another, but then there are larger changes such as removing an entire character. As the seasons go on some small changes from season 1 can turn into larger changes in season 5 and it is interesting to see how those decisions influence the growing story.

Game of Thrones stands well as its own thing, it is inspired by the books and is following the basic storyline, but it really does live and breathe as its own thing.


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