iZombie, Verdict

David and I caught the first episode of the new show iZombie and people need to watch it. We both loved the first episode and it is definitely something we will continue watching. It definitely has it’s campy moments, but I think that adds to the charm. Part of what is great about the show is that it is a bit of Veronica Mars and a bit of Pushing Daisies (according to David). It has the wit of a young girl trying to deal with being a zombie, but not being bloodthirsty all the time. At the same time she discovers that she can get visions from the people that she eats and since she is working in a morgue her visions tend to be of how they died. This creates an interesting dynamic where she actually gets to help the police. The whole being a zombie just adds a level of quirkiness that makes the show fun and different then other sorts of crime dramas or procedurals. (Mild spoilers for iZombie after the jump)


Obviously with a show called iZombie it is going to have zombies. The beginning of the show tells the story of how Liv went from a successful resident at a hospital to an undead zombie working in a morgue. Now obviously there has not been a huge zombie outbreak or else why would she be working in a morgue and able to help the police. Now Liv goes to the only party she has ever gone to, possibly in her entire life, and the new drug the other party goers decide to take turns them into zombies. Of course the party being on a boat means that the infection did not spread, although Liv survived, but as a zombie. It seems, for the time that she is the only zombie survivor. There is still a possibility of more zombies, but it is not the usual zombie situation that is typically told.


Liv having a job in the morgue is really what helps to drive the story forward, so it is a good thing she is working in the morgue. The reason for the job is actually brilliant because she has access to fresh brains and finds that if she eats brains regularly she can feel at least sort of normal. The other side effect of this is that the brains that she eats are from people who sometimes died under suspicious circumstances. By eating the brains she gets access to some of their memories and some of the memories lead to their killer. This gets her involved with a local cop who is new to being a homicide detective and she pretends to be a psychic to give him tips. This also leads her to follow along on some of the detectives work to help get clues. The biggest problem being that she does not want to be discovered as a zombie, which would complicate things.

An Ally

The other part that is great about Liv working in the morgue is that her supervisor is a bit quirky. As in he apparently got kicked out of the CDC for believing that something like zombies could actually exist. This actually works out wonderfully for Liv because he actually figures out on his own that she is a zombie and is not freaked out about it. He actually wants to try and figure out what causes her undead status. As someone who used to work at the CDC it makes an odd amount of sense that he sees the zombie status as a disease infecting Liv as opposed to something mystical. This works out well because she at least has someone that she can talk to about what is like because everyone else in her life doesn’t realize anything is wrong, except for the fact that her general behavior has changed. It is neat because it is a different way to think about zombies in general.


I don’t know if I explained it very well, but iZombie is a great show. It has a little bit of a different twists on zombies and somehow combines that with a detective type show. The part that is really great about the show is the character of Liv. She is quick witted and snarky and, somehow, dealing amazingly well with the whole waking up as a zombie thing. In the end it is kind of a hard show to explain and on paper it probably sounds crazy. At the same time you need to watch it because it really is that good.

14 responses to “iZombie, Verdict

  1. I really loved Pushing Daisies! If it is even remotely similar, I’ll probably like this one. How fun. 😀

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    • I hope it’s remotely similar… I have never actually seen Pushing Daisies, I just have been told about it by friends & family… 🙂

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      • I really liked Pushing Daisies, and Dead Like Me, though DLM was cancelled, so felt a bit rushed at the end.

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        • izombie borrows the crime – solving element of pushing daisies, with Liv ‘s brain eating being vaguely similar to Ned’s ability to revive the dead and help solve their murder. Tonally, though, iZombie is a completely different beast than pushing daisies. I actually see a lot of dead like me in it. Overall, I think of iZombie as a weird marriage of Veronica mars, dead like me, and psych.

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          • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I can see how it might be more like Dead Like Me… still would be interested in giving it a shot though (I actually haven’t watched Veronica Mars… is it any good?)


          • If you liked dead like me, then izombie is definitely worth a look. As for Veronica Mars, it was made by all of the same people behind izombie, and it is similarly about a young girl solving crimes after some life-altering event. It is basically a film noir drama but set at a California high school, and the hard-boiled detective is a teenage girl. It took me a couple of episodes to really get into it, and not all of the actors are amazing. However, Kristen Bell’s Veronica is like a bad-ass, non-supernatural Buffy Summers. In fact, Buffy creator Joss Whedon loved Veronica Mars so much that they gave him a small role as a rental car salesperson in one episode.

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  2. Great summary of the show, but now I want to see it even more and I’m currently weeping into my cushion, yes weeping, because we have to wait for all the cool shows!

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  4. I probably won’t see this for a while, but I read and enjoyed a couple of the comics and everything I’ve heard about it sounds good. It’s just that I’m in the middle of my MCU marathon in anticipation for Age of Ultron, and that includes the live action tv shows.

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