Debate Comics with Comic Book Characters

This week, we found out about the most recent video from How It Should Have Ended from We Minored in Film, since we haven’t been able to keep up with YouTube (we blame our Apple TV not working with YouTube anymore). Also, a bit behind reading We Minored in Film. In other words, you may have seen this already.

Nonetheless, this is worth sharing. They pretty much covered anything and everything I have been talking about in posts like this and this. They covered a whole lot of it, and in short order. And they hit on the good and the bad. New Aquaman? Probably needed. Spider-Man only finishing 2/3 of his most recent series? Kind of disappointing. Comic movies not getting awards (or even nominations)? What’s with that?

How about you – are you tired with this debate by now? Are you just quietly buying all your tickets in advance to all the comics movies? Let us know in the comments below!

10 responses to “Debate Comics with Comic Book Characters

  1. I loved this! Exactly what I needed at the end of a long week 🙂 I think ‘because I’m Batman’ just about cover is – either that or ‘because we’re awesome’. There can never be enough superhero movies – I’m impatient for the fun to begin!

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  2. Reblogged this on Just Gene'O and commented:

    I reblogged a post for a friend a while ago, and when I clicked the link it generated a weird security error, so I have disconnected the publicize, and I am testing. This reblog will likely be deleted and something else reblogged when I have the info I need. Bear with me.


  3. I want to have a movie marathon soon…. I have to wait a while for movies to release in Japan, but Age of Ultron looks amazing.

    Captain America: Winter Soldier should have won some awards. I don’t even LIKE Captain America and that movie was amazing.

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  4. Hey – That reblog link up there is dead. I had a weird problem reblogging something yesterday and needed to do some testing, so I came and reblogged this to see if I could replicate the error. Okay to delete the pingback.

    Also, just to build the suspense for anyone who stumbles by, I’ve got three post skeletons in your queue so they’ll be there when I get ready to start doing the finish-work on some drafts for May.

    Are we ready to start letting my topic for CG start leaking out around the edges, or do you want to keep it hush and do a big, crazy announcement thingy when it’s a little closer to run time?

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