Internet is Amazing

Sometimes I think that we can get discouraged by some of the things we see happen on the Internet. So much news can be discussed about trolls, cyber bullying, sharing nude pictures, etc, that can make the Internet seem like a generally terrible place.

Internet is Large and full of Terrors

At the same time we need to remember that there are some amazing things that have come out of the Internet. Before the Internet, how much longer would it take for an idea to spread globally? But now a celebrity or comedian can mention an idea and that idea can explode beyond their wildest imaginations. Then there are the news stories of tragedy that lead others to try and help out a complete stranger. It is important to remember that the Internet is not all a dark, scary place, but really has the potential to help accomplish amazing things.

Jeff We Can

Earlier in February John Oliver on Last Week Tonight did a video on the Tobacco Industry. As the closing piece he introduced an idea for a new Marlboro mascot, Jeff the Diseased Lung. They had even put up bus ads in one country and handed out t-shirts in another country. On the show John Oliver sent out the call to say #JeffWeCan and on the most recent show we found out that the people answered the call. People all over the world have taken Jeff the Diseased Lung and they have run with it. People have created new bus ads, brought out a full Jeff the Diseased Lung costume to dance at events, and even created gifs. It is amazing what people have done with this and where they have taken it. This would not have spread so quickly or probably so far if it was not for the Internet.


Online Fundraising

One of the other amazing things is the ability to share stories of tragedy and for those stories to be turned around into online fundraisers. There was one last year where people heard about man who walked 20 miles roundtrip to get to work who did not have a vehicle. The amount of money that was raised was able to buy him multiple cars probably.

Recently there has been a fundraiser for an 18 month old who survived a car crash into water and then was in the water for like 13 hours. Sadly the mother appears to have died and the child somehow survived. The family set up a site to help fund the baby’s medical expenses and the funeral for the mother. They have already exceeded the amount they were looking for. It really is amazing how people will come together when given the opportunity.

Just Create

It is amazing what you can find online and what gets shared, but some of that is because so many people can share and create using the Internet. Often these things are shared through things such as Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. The connection that people who are fans of similar things or even just to share a random idea that you have. One of the best examples of this are memes. One person starts something spreading and then people take it and run with it. It is no more about a creation in a bubble, but in collaboration. The reason that these memes continue to exist is because they continued to be shared, recreated, and reworked.


The Internet is a tool that can be used for both good and bad. Some people are frustrated about the way the Internet is used, but at the same time it is not the Internet itself that is the problem. One of the big problems is actually that the people making some of the laws and rules do not fully understand the new landscape that the Internet represents. The big problem is that we often remember the terrible things that happen, but we need to remember the good things that can happen as well because of the Internet.

What other good uses of the Internet can you think of? Let us know or share a link in the comments below!

17 responses to “Internet is Amazing

  1. #JeffWeCan was an amazing segment, and I’m happy to hear it’s succeeding! I hadn’t heard of the other stuff. I’ll have to check it out. 🙂


  2. I’ve recently started a Positivity blogshare that is aimed at everyone sharing encouraging, motivating, inspiring, and positive messages with each other. We write them or find them and then share through twitter where we then keep retweeting to our followers. I did it just as day for my own writing of positivity but others wanted to join in. I didn’t want it to be the typical blogshare of anything and everything. I wanted positive messages. I feel as thought the more people do it perhaps they more Positivity becomes a habit for them and perhaps there will be some change in there lives. It’s a little thing, but a thing.


    • That sounds amazing. It is always great to see something positive because so much in the news and other areas can be increasingly negative. I love sharing like cute videos or other things sometime because it can really just make your day.

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      • That’s kind of part of it. I think if there was more positive things shared and spread around it would create more positivity. You see all the doom and gloom and that’s what you feel. I actually just registered another hashtag for #BeWATT for Be Wonderful All The Time. Not sure yet but I thought why not. Maybe it will catch on.


        • One of the ones that I have heard because I watch Mental Floss with Hank and John Green is #DFTBA (Don’t Forget to be Awesome) which is such a fun thing to sign off with and spread around. BeWATT is also a good one.

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  3. I am just leaving a comment here for posterity. You are still my favorite blogger when it comes to the incisiveness. We’ve got to find a way to get your social criticism read more widely. You are so good at seeing the things that matter!


    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate this. Sometimes it can feel as if I am speaking to the void and it is good to think that people are actually listening even if they may not completely agree with all my points.

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      • You’re very welcome, and I understand. I felt the same way for most of last year, aside from the success of the feminism thing, which, honestly, feels a bit like being struck by lightning. Still do sometimes.


  4. Look what happend with #1000Speak . For all the evils of the internet it is a really excellent place for people to share opinions. Some things may really open your eyes and let you grow on a personal level. Excellent post.


  5. I have to say, one of my favourite things about the internet, is the information at our fingertips. If my girls and I are having a conversation (about history, the world around us, an unfamiliar word, etc.) I begin by sharing my own knowledge and then we go exploring. There are positives and negatives in everything we do, so I agree it’s important to remember the good things we have access to – google is wonderful but you have to be careful of the accuracy of the information – it’s about balance. There are so many things at the touch of a button, things which make our life easier on the go – bus timetables; cinema times; opening times – you name it and it’s there!


    • I agree the availability of information is amazing. David is the designated searched for information if we become stumped. There is a downside to that too and that is anyone can publish anything they want without any sort of review. This means that people could present opinion as fact and sometimes it can be difficult to wade through. Even the news sites can be hazardous as they try and get things up quicker than they have the information.

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      • That’s true and an important point. I’m studying at the moment (for fun) and have to be really careful where I glean information from! My eldest is studying History and that’s a minefield 🙂


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