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Open Call for Guest Posts – Help Us Keep the Blog Running!

When the Geek Baby arrives, one of the things we’re probably not going to be wanting to worry about a whole lot is writing new blog posts! Certainly not for a bit. However, to keep the doors from swinging shut here, we have a cunning plan! But we need your help.

You know how for heading to the hospital for going into labor you should have a bag packed with all the things you’ll need, or think you’ll need? And I was reminded recently: you might also want the car seat in the car already… Well, what we’re thinking of is the digital version of that.

We’re looking for guest posts that are not time-bound, and could run whenever. Then, when the time comes, we can just start scheduling them like mad, and they will be the blog for however long we have them for. We are planning on doing the April A to Z Challenge again this year, so April will be taken care of: so we would like to have posts ready to go by May.

Make sense? Sound good? Let us know in the comments if you would like to contribute! If you’re looking for post ideas or example guest posts, read on!

Come on, this blog ain't going to write itself!

Come on, this blog ain’t going to write itself!

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