Where Do You Most Often Get Books?

Something David and I have just been thinking about as we have to make space for a new addition has been what books to keep and what to get rid of. We still at times buy physical books, but more often we will do e-books because there is only so much space. I have to say another thing we have been trying to be good about doing is using our Library more because there are a lot of books that you can get, even if it is not all of them. There are some books that I like to own, but you can end up putting a lot of money into books and I already have a backlog that I have not read yet. So how do you like to get new books to read?

3 responses to “Where Do You Most Often Get Books?

  1. I voted physical books but it really depends on the kind of books. I go for physical books (new) for most fiction, work/research and art books. I only buy used books for work when I can’t find them new anymore. I go for eBooks for writing craft/publishing/book marketing titles, as well as personal development ones. I rarely buy fiction in eBook format, save for some independently published authors.


    • Sounds like you have a plan! I had a hard time picking what to answer, because of course it’s a bit of each. Our bookshelves have been pretty full, so we’ve turned both to eBooks and to the library. However, we also want to support our local bookstore, as it’s the main place where we find new fiction we haven’t heard of anywhere else – so we’re still buying physical new books there. And for comics, I love digital – I feel like it’s the right place to read them. Except we’ve been checking a bunch out from the library lately to try them out! So many ways 🙂

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  2. I borrow ebooks from the library. 🙂 I probably still get as many paper books, but I’m trying to switch over.


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