John Oliver, at it again – Last Week Tonight is Back!

One of our favorite new shows of last year was Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. They take some shots at the news of the week, but also spend over half the show, generally, on a single topic that’s not showing up as much in the news, perhaps, or that they give a deeper look.

I think they got a lot of notice in particular for the piece on the Miss America Pageant, for being solid investigative journalism. This has gotten them a nice long season this year, more journalistic staff, and we’re excited to see where things go.

However, what I’m amused and amazed by so far is more to do with something else from last season. We mentioned the Net Neutrality story where John Oliver called the chairman of the FCC a Dingo – and the chairman replied. Well, that’s one big official taking notice of the show and its satire. But they couldn’t get noticed by someone much bigger than that, could they?

Well, in the first episode of the season, John Oliver called out the president of Ecuador for taking far too much time and interest in Twitter. The president gives televised speeches in front of live crowds, it seems, and he took time to call out specific Twitter users by name. As John Oliver pointed out, it’s probably not a good idea to start an Internet war. And to prove it, he joined in, asking his audience to as well.


To which he got the notice of the president of Ecuador…


I ran a translate on that, and while I’m not satisfied with it, I can say this is not a flattering comment, and we all get “talk show gringo” well enough…

Okay, so nevermind. John Oliver is now already drawing the attention and ire of world leaders. That’s pretty good for the start of season 2 – I’m excited to see where he goes from here!

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