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Recently David and I finished reading the Batman Comic Hush. So part of both of us reading it we are going to each give our perspective on the comic. I having not read many other Batman comics will just have a perspective on the story that was told in this comic. First of all this story is fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I do think it is good to have a general idea of characters that are in the DC universe, but especially Batman and his various villains, because so many of them show up in one way or another. This story spans so many locations and characters it really is an epic struggle that is being told. The other interesting part is that they do a great job of keeping the mystery going throughout the story. We see all the clues that Batman sees so maybe we might guess the finale before him, but at the same time the story definitely kept me guessing throughout.

Character Overload

The number of characters in this story is almost ridiculous. You have Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Joker, Harley Quinn, and more. It is an array of characters that show up in this comic and each one that appears seems to give a new knot about what is actually going on. This is not just limited to introducing us to the various Batman villains, we also get Commissioner Gordon, Alfred, Nightwing, Green Lantern, Oracle, Superman, Lois Lane, and probably someone I am forgetting. We not only get introduced to each of these characters they do a great job of giving us a brief history of each of them as well. Many of these stories probably played out at some point earlier in the comics, but it is still great to see them take those back stories and use them in the overarching mystery being played out.

Multiple Locations

One of the interesting things that I found with this whole story is how it spanned from Gotham to Metropolis. Usually you would think of a Batman story taking place in Gotham city, but this takes us from the sewers of Gotham to the streets and sewers of Metropolis and back to Wayne Manor. This allows us to introduce a lot of different characters and for us to look at the differences between Metropolis and Gotham. While this does not relate to the mystery of the story specifically it does give an interesting perspective on the DC Universe and the world of Superman and Batman. It was an interesting flavor twist to have the mystery expand beyond Gotham and head to Metropolis.

Ongoing Mystery

One of the great parts of this story is that it truly is a mystery that begs to be solved. We seem to have someone pulling the strings all around Batman, but with no idea of who is really behind it. The story starts out like a simple rescue mission, but as the story goes on it just gets more and more complicated. The story keeps taking twists and turns along the way and we are constantly going in different directions. Now if you have been reading the comics and hit all the stories I could see how you might get to the conclusion a bit sooner, but I still think they do a good job of keeping the guessing game going.


It is difficult to go into too much detail because what is great about the story is the mystery and you need to read it for yourself. The story kept me enthralled the entire time and it honestly makes me want to read more Batman comics because it does such a good job of introducing the world that Batman exists in.

12 responses to “Batman Comic Hush

  1. I may need to pick this one up. The moment I opened your post I knew it was a Jim Lee-drawn comic, and I’ve always kinda been obsessed with his art (his stuff is what got me reading comics in the first place!) Thanks for the review. Looks like it would be a fun place to jump into the Batman comics. 🙂


  2. It really is a great story and a great intro into the Batman universe. Part of the reason that there were so many characters was an attempt to boost the sales of each issue You couldn’t buy just one issue of the book and get all of your favourite characters as drawn by Jim Lee, you had to buy each one. The focus at the time was on the art of Lee, who had just come over after DC purchased Wildstorm, they didn’t realize what a hit Loeb’s story would be.


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  5. Love Hush… One of my favorite comics, and one of the earliest Batman comics I read, too. 😀


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  7. I still have no idea why (other than Jim Lee’s art) anyone talks about Hush, or why it keeps making it onto top Batman TOP 10 books lists, or why it sold so well back in the day (other than Jim Lee’s art).

    After the brilliance of Long Halloween I expected far more of Hush, and found it to be a totally generic and boring story that went nowhere.

    I really enjoy Jeph Loeb’s stories, and feel this is one of the weakest stories he has written, I mean it just feels like he is on autopilot in this one.

    Nothing exceptional about it at all, other than Jim Lee’s art.

    If anyone can say what they love about the story (other than the art) I am all ears, help me understand, I found it really boring and struggled to get to the end.


    • It’s a good question, and I would probably agree that I liked The Long Halloween more. However, Holly and I got to talking about it… what might be so good about Hush is that it reads really well for new Batman readers, for people who aren’t caught up in all the continuity. It’s a solid stand-alone story.

      And then yes, I think the art is likely what has gotten it noticed and read – and the most-read comics seem like the ones most likely to make it onto people’s must-read lists!

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