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Batman Comic Hush

Batman Hush cover

Recently David and I finished reading the Batman Comic Hush. So part of both of us reading it we are going to each give our perspective on the comic. I having not read many other Batman comics will just have a perspective on the story that was told in this comic. First of all this story is fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I do think it is good to have a general idea of characters that are in the DC universe, but especially Batman and his various villains, because so many of them show up in one way or another. This story spans so many locations and characters it really is an epic struggle that is being told. The other interesting part is that they do a great job of keeping the mystery going throughout the story. We see all the clues that Batman sees so maybe we might guess the finale before him, but at the same time the story definitely kept me guessing throughout. Continue reading