Daily Archives: February 17, 2015

Catching Up on Life with the Comparative Geeks

We’ve been busy lately! I’m pleased that we’ve still been writing good posts throughout, but I feel like my mental momentum has stalled out tonight. So if I can’t come up with something else to write I can at least tell you why!

Our state has a rebate program for home energy improvements – so we’ve been having a whole bunch of work done on our house. Most of the work to be done by the experts is done! Which unfortunately leaves the stuff that I’m probably going to have to do myself. Our hope is to have this house work done before the baby comes!

Speaking of, we’re also trying to carve out a baby’s room in our house. We had an office and a guest bedroom, both of which saw plenty of use. Well, the guest bedroom is gone and in its place is now the office… and the office is becoming the baby’s room. Bit by bit.

We’ve recently tackled the largely untouched boxes from our past – things from our childhood, school, college. Collectibles, memorabilia, war gaming, Magic cards, photographs. Geeky things. Books. And OMG the electronics. Cables for miles. So many outdated technologies that seemed like they were worth saving only a few years ago.

So even now I sit with boxes around me, needing some sorting and decisions before they find a new home… well… somewhere around here.

Anybody want some Magic cards?