Valentine’s Day or Violent Times Day

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, one of the more overrated holidays in my opinion, but that could just be me. I do love the large Reese’s hearts because those are delicious and used to only be available as eggs at Easter. Now as a kid it was about the fact that everyone got a card and I would often would make cards by hand because I enjoyed doing that sort of thing. As I have gotten older though the whole holiday seems a little ridiculous. For one thing I do not need a special holiday to show my husband I love him, I try and do that at least a little bit every day. Also, Valentine’s Day seems to have this idea around it of putting pressure on any relationship that does not match up to an idea of what Valentine’s Day is going to be about. So with that in mind I want to know what your plans are, do you go all out or are you more of ignore the holiday is happening altogether sort of person. Or you could be like my friends and I did in college and turn to violent action movies on the day because that is just fun.

3 responses to “Valentine’s Day or Violent Times Day

  1. I voted for the action movies.


  2. I ignored it all 😀


  3. We went to see Jupiter Ascending!


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