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Lola, a Ghost Story

Lola a Ghost Story Cover

Under the new books section of my local library I found the graphic novel Lola, a Ghost Story. Lola is the story of a boy Jesse who is heading back to the Philippines due to the recent passing of his grandmother. Now normally this would seem like a no nothing story, but Jesse shared a gift with his grandmother. He like his grandmother has visions and can see the dead. Of course the grandmother was probably just considered full of eccentric stories, but for Jesse it is a little bit harder because who would ever believe him?

The story itself is about this close knit family and a lot of it is re-telling the stories about the grandmother and the life she lived, as well as Jesse dealing with his own demons in a lot of ways. It is a beautiful, simple, and sad story that walks the line between the imagination of a child and a gift that they might not know how to share or talk about. The one person who could understand was probably the grandmother! Continue reading