Should we go see Jupiter Ascending?

Our plan for this weekend was to go see the new movie by the Wachowskis, Jupiter Ascending. This movie was originally slated for last summer, and got bumped back to this weekend, in a hum-drum time in February. Not generally the best sign.

But some of it is that they seem to have increased the special effects, which for a science fiction movie like this is probably a good thing, and they’ve made the movie look pretty good, at least visually. Like in this trailer:

That looks much better than, say, one of the earlier ones: Like it needed more post-production, and got more post-production. That’s good, right?

Well, apparently it’s not enough. Here’s where it’s sitting on Rotten Tomatoes:

Ouch. Not sure what we think of that, so we’re asking you: should we go see Jupiter Ascending?

19 responses to “Should we go see Jupiter Ascending?

  1. I’ve been considering this one myself, so if you do go – tell us all about it and it will help decide it for me! What are internet friends for, after all 😉 Seriously though, I hope you both enjoy it, and I agree with you about the improved trailer…we’ll all be grateful for the extra production time I’m sure!

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  2. andreinternational

    I have to say, after seeing the trailer my immediate reaction was complete disinterest. All the visuals in the world can’t compensate for a tired story and some bad acting. I think the Matrix was more a fluke than a sign of what the Wachowskis can do.

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    • I did like V for Vendetta but looking at it harder it was only produced by the Wachowskis… And Speed Racer was okay… Yeah, I don’t know.

      Oh and in my opinion your comment can apply to many movies, like, say, Avatar.


  3. Watch it. The story is hard to understand at points, but that doesn’t make it a bad movie. I enjoyed it, and it was fairly original. Good as movies go.

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  4. I was excited for it but the story is not good and the protagonist isn’t compelling. The visuals were pretty though. I’d advise against it, unfortunately.

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  5. Wow, this is really inconclusive. Still haven’t seen it!


  6. The special effects are awesome. Also, there are several subtle, clever moments of homage to the sci-fi greats-Firefly, Stargate, Star Wars, Star Trek. There are likely more I missed. Worth it to see on the big screen for these reasons. The story … not so much.

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