Who is Doctor Wells?

On The Flash there has been a lot of twists and turns around who or what is Doctor Wells. The one thing that we know for sure is that there is more to him than he is letting anyone else know. As the story currently stands the show has made us believe that Doctor Wells is the Reverse Flash. We have seen that Doctor Wells is in possession of the Reverse Flash’s yellow suit, but at the same time I still have some doubts. There is the whole time travel aspect and the fact that we have recently found out that Doctor Wells does have super speed, but it is inconsistent. Then there is the fact that we know that there were two speedsters there the night that Barry’s mom was killed. This leads to the question who actually survived that night and which one is most likely Doctor Wells.

Doctor Wells is Reverse Flash

So the most obvious thing is that Doctor Wells is Reverse Flash. The likely story is that he went back in time to kill Barry’s mom to change her history or maybe even trying to kill Barry himself. Something happened during this fight because Barry ends up rushed out of the house and his mom ends up killed. At the same time no more casualties occur. Now maybe future Barry made it back in time, but Reverse Flash was able to kill him after killing the mom. Who knows maybe he even absorbed some of future Barry’s powers somehow, but that absorption only lasts so long. This would explain why the Reverse Flash is not just killing the young Barry outright and why he seemed to go out of his way to make sure that Barry Allen became the Flash in the first place. He wants Barry to get faster and faster so that he can eventually steal his speed and repair himself. This would explain why he is so protective of Barry and explain the very shady nature that Doctor Wells often exudes.

Doctor Wells is Future Flash

Now another theory that I think could make sense is that Doctor Wells is the future Flash. He travelled back in time and saved his younger self, but lost his mom. The reason he has the suit is because he defeated the Reverse Flash who had come back in time to destroy him before he was created. Part of the reason he keeps checking the timeline is because them coming back in time has changed the timeline. If Doctor Wells is the future Flash he knows what is at stake if Barry does not reach his full potential. This would explain why he pushes Barry so much and is constantly checking on his speed. He knows that he will need to be faster. Now my hypothesis is that something might have either gone wrong with the time travel or when he faced Reverse Flash that caused him to start losing his speed. He created the device that allows him to maintain his speed because until some turning point he needs to maintain himself until a certain point to get the timeline back on track.

Doctor Wells is Something Else

The third theory is that Doctor Wells is something else entirely. I still feel like he has to be someone from the future, but what if he is neither Reverse Flash or future Flash, than it is something else entirely. Now here is where my speculations kind of run out because I do not know enough about the universe that Flash lives in to know who else might be coming in to play.  It could be interesting to bring in a character who we have not actually seen who knows both the Flash and Reverse Flash, who has a plan in and of himself.

I think the big thing is that the show definitely brings in doubts about who Doctor Wells is and we still do not know what he really wants. I think the big thing is that the audience needs to question the obvious and not make assumptions about Doctor Wells or it could be the obvious answer and all the mystery is to just make us question.


12 responses to “Who is Doctor Wells?

  1. Well the actor (Tom Cavanagh) has confirmed that he is in fact The Reverse Flash, I think its more of a question of what his identity actually is, because it is commonly thought that Harrison Wells is just a pseudonym.


    • I read somewhere else that some people wonder if he is Professor Zoom. Again I do not know enough about the world to know what the implications are. Yeah Reverse Flash is the mask but who actually is the man looking into the future and what is the end game. I still think things are more complicated than they seem and we don’t know what happens in the future and why he needed to create the Flash.


      • What I’m saying is Wells as a villain in this current time line is the Reverse Flash confirmed by Cavanagh himself as well as the writers. He might be professor Zoom’s alter ego burin this verse of the Flash he is the Reverse Flash. What I’m saying is we don’t know who he actually is as a person not superhero since it is a common thought among the fandom that Harrison Wells isn’t his real name because it is a play off HG Wells an author who wrote about time travel.


        • As a counter point to your good point, Stephen Amell was playing into the idea that Oliver Queen was dead in Arrow. Same network, same universe, so it might be the same tactic – deceive us not only in the show but in the real world, as well.

          Hopefully we get the answers this season!


      • If I recall correctly, Reverse-Flash is the alternate identifier for Professor Zoom. Like Man of Steel is a moniker for Superman.

        We’ve seen Wells looking into the future paper, where there are mentions of “Red Skies” and “Flash vanishes during Crisis”, that seems to imply the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline where the skies were red, and the Flash dies fighting the Anti-Monitor (sort of) but saves the Multiverse.

        Cue up music by Queen,,,,

        Flash! Ah-ah! Savior of the Multiverse!


  2. I definitely think it’s a tactic to throw us off course, though there will be an element of truth in it. There were, after all, a number of super villains who claimed the title Reverse Flash (several speedsters if you will!). Saying he’s one of them doesn’t tell us much really! I like your theories, Holly – there’s even a possibility he might be a version of The Flash, because if I remember rightly (though I could be wrong), there was a clone. If he were a clone, then some of the other theories would hold true and his speed would definitely be affected! I think the original Reverse Flash was called Rival. There was a Professor Zoom and Zoom too, who used time travel to replicate speed. I think anything is possible, and it sure is fun to ponder on the many possibilities. I think the writers are enjoying leading us on a merry dance, and for the most part, we enjoy it too 🙂 Doctor Wells fascinates me and Tom is playing him exceptionally well. Thanks for the discussion – I love the show almost as much as Arrow!


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