Dragon Age Inquisition: The Game That Doesn’t End

So according to my play clock, at least, I’m 50 hours in to Dragon Age Inquisition. I haven’t noticed what Holly’s has said but I feel like she’s ahead of me…

And while there’s been some plot development for both of us, we then reached the point where the world opens up to you, and you suddenly have access to a whole lot of areas – full of a whole lot of fights and quests. So we were all like:


We’re completionists. Treasure-hunters. Crafters and explorers. Combat tacticians and optimizers. This game has something for all of these impulses – well, more than something. A lot. There’s a lot of world, a lot to do, a lot to fight, a lot to find, a lot to craft…

I’m 50 hours in and feel like I’m only scratching the surface. 

I think I’ve successfully completed one whole zone. One fairly small, swampy zone where there weren’t many quests because there weren’t many people there. Did I mention it was a swamp?

We also haven’t accomplished one of our main goals: we want to find Morrigan! Sure, we could look up online how or when that happens, but we’re wanting some surprise. Please, no spoiling us in the comments…

It’s just a lot, it’s daunting. I actually know someone who’s finished the plot – by skipping past most of the world/side-quest content. Which seems like a way to do it. She’s also then started back at Origins and replaying the series…

Hearing that, I’m all like:


I’m stuck between a desire to do more side questing and exploring, powering up my party, saving the world. Then moving on with the story. But then, there’s desire to explore some of the story in between, go back and forth… I don’t know. There’s so much more game to play!

What’s your experience with Dragon Age Inquisition like? Are you powering through, or taking your sweet time? Done for months, or still working? Let me know in the comments below!

13 responses to “Dragon Age Inquisition: The Game That Doesn’t End

  1. I think I finished at around 100 hours (having done a chunk of side quests, but definitely not all of them). There were a few instances of ‘should I continue with the story? Because there’s all these quests to do in my list…’, but once I had finished all the quests from the party members, I decided the rest weren’t that important and I wanted to finally see the ending =P

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    • The quests from the party members at least sounds like a good goal. Although Holly just got to Iron Bull’s quest… She was not okay with that choice! But I’ll leave that for her to talk about.

      And maybe 100 hours or so I’ll be finishing up the plot… But if so, I wonder if I’ll keep going to do all the side quests?…


  2. I got DAI for my birthday in December, but was in the middle (err, first 1/3 of a replay of Final Fantasy 8) and wanted to finish FF8 before playing DAI. I just finished playing FF8 (my 3rd game of it I think) and I didn’t even complete everything (most of them though, but some were a bit glitchy so got annoyed I couldn’t get all my Steam achievements!)

    I am *so* excited for DAI! I’m going to install it today and I tend to want to explore everything and don’t get me started about completing all the quest. I am a completionist (even when there is no Steam achievement attached!) so I bet I’m going to have quite a few many hours logged in by the time I finish the game!

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      Ahem. Good choice 🙂

      We’ve moved past our initial annoyance with Dragon Age Keep, and gotten into the game far enough… It’s fantastic. But there is SO MUCH of it! Enjoy 🙂


      • I sadly can’t play DAI on my computer. The processor and the graphic card aren’t good enough to make the game play properly. So I’ll have to wait 2 or 3 years until I can afford a new desktop. *grumbles*

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        • Oh no!!! Cheaper than a new desktop might be a gaming console… still not cheap, although it is on the last generation so those are cheaper or maybe refurbished/used.

          However, we are playing on the last generation (our X-Box 360) and I definitely feel like it would be better with more processing power. It takes a good long while to load, there are times where you watch it loading layers of details on top of each other, we’ve had some freezing…

          But it’s Dragon Age 3!!!


          • I never played on consoles. I’ve always been a PC gamer. Now I want to strangle my computer because it doesn’t play DAI properly and no SWTOR anymore either! So I’m going through the tons of older games I got last year. Right now playing Dungeon Siege!

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          • First, I remember Dungeon Siege. That was fun. Pack mule.

            And I gave up on PC gaming with Mass Effect. I wanted it, my PC wouldn’t play it. So I ordered a new graphics card, it didn’t work, and in messing with it fried my old graphics card and had to order a replacement. Eventually got the X-Box 360 to play Mass Effect.

            And now I have a Mac…


  3. The feeling of thinking you have all the quests done but then is that ONE that you can’t beat at your current level is the worst, gotta put it off and progress with it looming over my head.

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