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Where Do You Most Often Get Books?

Something David and I have just been thinking about as we have to make space for a new addition has been what books to keep and what to get rid of. We still at times buy physical books, but more often we will do e-books because there is only so much space. I have to say another thing we have been trying to be good about doing is using our Library more because there are a lot of books that you can get, even if it is not all of them. There are some books that I like to own, but you can end up putting a lot of money into books and I already have a backlog that I have not read yet. So how do you like to get new books to read?

Lindsey Stirling

So I am having trouble thinking of anything to write, so instead I want to share one of my favorite things and that is Lindsey Stirling. She is brilliant. Not only is she does she play violin in an amazing and creative way, she also redoes a lot of songs from video games and does such a good job. She has done Halo, Zelda, Assassins Creed, Dragon Age, and so much more. This is not to mention her original music which for me can almost put me into a trance as you feel every draw of the bow. I had caught her videos a couple times, but when I found her album I was ecstatic. So below are a couple of my favorite videos by her (above is the one she did for the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition). Continue reading

Editorial – We Desperately Need Comics

A while back I wrote an article discussing the opinions of critics of comics, superhero stories, and the like. This was prompted in particular by comments from the director of Birdman, Alejandro Inarritu, a director who has now won best director for a film which has now won best picture at the Oscars. So he’s earned some level of us paying attention to him.

So when my original source, We Minored in Film, wrote another piece regarding film industry comments against comic book and superhero films, it got me thinking again. Well, combined with other things I have been thinking about. Other things happening in the world.

In short, my question is, what should we be turning our attention to instead, if not the superhero movies, if not to comics and, because there are more critics out there, how about all of speculative fiction? We need to be paying attention to and worrying about the real world, right? Alright. Let’s do that.

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Newsies the Musical, my Favorite Things

Newsies the Musical outside the Orpheum

This weekend I got the distinct pleasure of going to see Newsies, the Musical. I grew up watching the movie Newsies from Disney and loved every minute of it. I loved it so much that I could sing along with every song and even knew the whole opening dialogue by heart. When I first heard about them making a musical of Newsies I was ecstatic and knew that if I got the opportunity to see it I would have to. This weekend that opportunity came and it was  not a disappointment. Obviously they had to change a few things for the stage production, but the music is really what makes the story so great and the music does not disappoint. They added a few songs to fill out the roster and some of the lyrics got changed around a bit, which to hardcore fans is a bit confusing, but it is still such a fun ride. So in honor of my excitement here are my 5 favorite things from Newsies, the Musical. Continue reading

Rewatching I, Robot

I had been thinking about I, Robot recently, so I took some time over the weekend to watch this movie again. It’s one of my favorites, and one that I made sure we grabbed on Blu-Ray once we had a player. I love Will Smith, robots, science fiction, and pretty much everything about this! But still it’s been a while.

I am someone who saw this one before reading the book, but I did try the book after (you know us…). I’ve read and enjoyed several other books by Isaac Asimov (like The End of Eternity), but for some reason I had trouble getting into the book. More than anything, it might be the fact that the book is so different from the movie! I remember a lot of people who had read the book first had problems with the movie for this same reason.

Nonetheless, going back and watching the movie made me notice there are some really good parts to the movie. It has a lot of really great qualities that I feel we are looking for in movies these days, and that studios are looking for too – big budget, star power, based on an existing IP, but with a lot of originality and solid science fiction. And some good representation as well. Overall, this movie has held up quite well since 2004!

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