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Intergalactic Nemesis, a Live Action Graphic Novel

This week David and I got to see a live action graphic novel called The Intergalactic Nemesis. The graphic novel actually started out as a radio drama that got translated to a graphic novel. This group then took the graphic novel and removed the dialogue to show the images without text and have a foley artist, three actors, and musician actual play and act live on stage with the images from the graphic novel displayed on screen. The artistry of what each of the elements brings to the story is really amazing and being able to watch the experience acted out live was such a fun evening. The other part that is great is that while we saw the book one there are actually going to be three books in total and they are all available on Comixology. The other piece is that they have all of book one available on YouTube and are working on the next two books as well. The way that all of these forces combine is one thing, but then the other piece is how the audience interacts with the actors and story that completes the whole picture. Continue reading

Warmachine vs. Warhammer

Platypus Con is coming up this weekend! The gaming convention that is starting this year in our home town is finally here, and yeah, I don’t know how ready I am for it. I conned (pun!) a friend into helping with leading some tabletop war gaming demos, we have our time slots and tables will be there for us. I have a Warmachine army – the game system that we decided on – and he has several.

So I’ve done a lot of construction, so that’s the important starting point. Models are primed and have even then been airbrushed yellow, and I’ve started doing some painting as well! I’ve moved to trying out Instagram for my pictures of these – give our Instagram a look, and I’ll also share some more here on Friday!

Here's a preview of what I've painted so far!

Here’s a preview of what I’ve painted so far!

I’ve also now gotten in three games – hopefully enough to know the rules and be able to run a good demo! We’ve gotten smoother with our playing, I’m not taking forever on my strategy decisions, and I’m even 2/3 for wins… This also means that I now have a feel for it to be able to compare it to the tabletop war game I learned on: Warhammer Fantasy. So if you’ll indulge me – or if you found this blog post specifically to read this discussion – that’s what the focus will be for the rest of the post!

Update: It was pointed out to me that I have not played Warhammer Fantasy for almost a decade. The core rules have changed since then, so some of my thoughts are out-of-date. It also sounds like my wonderful Lizardmen are going away… And that the biggest change is a bigger focus on the named Character leaders. Perhaps a move to be more like Warmachine?…

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Amulet, First Impressions

Cover to Amulet Book One

David and I have discovered a new graphic novel called Amulet. We actually heard about it because the author / artist Kazu Kibuishi is actually coming to town for a state library conference. Hearing about this we decided to check out the graphic novel that he wrote and discovered Amulet.

I have only read book one of the series, but am very interested with where the story is going. The beginning of the story starts out innocuous enough – just a family dealing with a family tragedy and a move to an old family mansion. When they move into the mansion though things are set into motion that unlock a whole new world of horrors and possibilities. One of the comparisons that we have made is that it is kind of Locke and Key, but for a younger audience. Unlike Locke and Key, Amulet definitely has a lighter side to it that makes it a bit friendlier. Continue reading

2 Year Anniversary of Comparative Geeks!

Can you believe it! Well, maybe you can. I can’t believe it! Two years ago over this last long weekend of the first half of the year, Holly and I started up a blog. We created our About page and posting policy.

We spent the first week laying out some of our plans, including our LitFlix, as 2013 was a great year for movies based on books and comics. We’re still doing that project, having just lined up this year’s plans – a bit skimpier!

In our second week, we already published one of our very top posts – A character study of Gretel from the movie Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters. Silly movie, great character study.

Flash forward two years, and we have a great group of bloggers we interact with regularly. We have been Freshly Pressed (though on a guest post) and referenced a few times on some bigger sites. We’ve certainly learned some things, but while there are ways we could change and grow and use all of that learning, we also really enjoy what we are doing here.

We have so much we still have and want to talk about! And there’s always new and more things as well. But the big change for us this year Holly’s already mentioned – and that will change the blog a bit as well. So let me hit a couple of thoughts on what we are planning for this coming year of Comparative Geeks!

Shadow Doesn't Blog

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Wait, what? A second Age of Ultron Trailer? So soon?

We were tempted to not watch the new trailer that just came out for Avengers: Age of Ultron, since we know we’re going to see it, and if everything goes right, see it in theaters. Hopefully opening day. So we definitely don’t need to be sold on this, anyway…

But we gave in and we watched it. Sounds like the same “No Strings” theme in the background, though without lyrics. Some old scenes, some new scenes. What do you think – better or worse than the first one? Or are you skipping it? Let us know in the comments below! I have the first trailer after the jump if you want to watch it again… I know I did!

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