New Fantastic Four: Yea or Nay

There has been talk for a while now about a new Fantastic Four movie, although not much more than there is going to be a movie and here are the actors. Even though they are coming out this summer they did not even put forth anything at last year’s San Diego Comic Con. Now suddenly we are finally getting a trailer, more of a teaser, about the new movie. So I know I have my opinion, but I am curious what everyone else thinks. Are you excited about the movie? Do you need to see more before judgment? Or are you over the whole idea of a Fantastic Four solo movie? Watch the trailer, vote in the poll, and leave a comment letting us know what you think.

12 responses to “New Fantastic Four: Yea or Nay

  1. I’m a little on the fence because I love Fantastic Four, and the opportunity of spending more time with these characters is great. That said, remakes tend to irritate me, especially if they have nothing new to say. There are a few exceptions though, especially in terms of bringing comics to life. Hulk for example – The Incredible Hulk was soooo much better!. I enjoyed Toby Maguire’s Spiderman, but…The Amazing Spiderman – great 🙂 Also, I can’t imagine anyone else playing Johnny Storm, because Chris was awesome in the role. I know he can’t return because he’s Cap now, and that’s a good thing. I may be surprised. I couldn’t imagine anyone playing Bruce Banner apart from Ed, cause…again with the awesome. But I was proved wrong because I adored Mark in The Avengers. So, yeah, like I said – I’m reserving judgement. I’m still disappointed I didn’t get more from the Silver Surfer though!


    • I agree remakes can often dissapoint and I was not sure about a Hulk after Edward Norton but was greatly surprised. I have to say even though the Fantastic Four movie in general was not great I thought most of the casting choices were pretty good. The fact that they seem to be skewing it younger also has my reservations up.

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  2. Looks good,or i must say better than the previous versions..


  3. My main issue is the age they seem to pick for the characters. I want a Fantastic Four movie, but I want (finally) one in which they are more middleaged and the focus is on the family aspect. For me that was always what made the Fantastic Four special in the comic book world, I really don’t get why every adaptation insist on making them all angsty.


  4. I don’t mind them taking a different approach with the adaptation, but I’d prefer to see one that’s more colourful. I also think we’re beyond the point where a superhero movie has to be an origin story. I’d have preferred one where they’re established heroes. That said, this trailer is more interesting than I expected but I think I’d have been more excited had it been an original film rather than a Fantastic Four film.


    • We are in the age of gritty superheroes and it shows. Although I think Marvel has revealed a lighter side at times. I agree about the origin story. I feel like you could do 10 minutes of exposition and jump in instead of having to rehash.

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  5. We watched the trailer this weekend and M said “well, that could have been any movie, really”. Which I can kind of see.

    I am wondering if this will be like the Hulk, where neither version is a real credit to the story or the characters.


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