Showing Off: Warmachine Painting!

Alright, so I haven’t done a ton of the painting yet, but I wanted to get a bit of paint onto everything before the Platypus Con starts tonight! A lot of the work was really from my friend airbrushing most everything yellow. That’s right, yellow.

There’s a good reason for that – and not just that he luckily had yellow airbrush paint sitting around unused. I have figured out a theme for my army – Hyperion. Hyperion from Borderlands, and especially from Borderlands 2 and from the PreSequel. And lines like Handsome Jack saying “just slap some Hyperion Yellow on it.” So I did that.

So allow me to show off some of what I have painted so far! This is my Convergence of Cyriss Warmachine army, Hyperion style.

Just slap some Hyperion yellow on it!

Just slap some Hyperion yellow on it!

Note: I do not have all the credits for the images I have been working from for painting inspiration, but everything is originally from Borderlands games, copyright as due.

The Main Stuff: The Loaders

In Borderlands, you get attacked by a lot of different types of Hyperion Loaders. So they are of course some of the main inspiration, for my many Vectors:

Hyperion Loader


The Diffuser, creepy glowy eye and all.


The Cipher. That’s a cannon for a head!


The Galvanizer. It heals… with its sawblade…


The Aerial Support: Flying Bots

Then the Loaders had all sorts of annoying flying repairbots and things to help them. That was a nightmare. Well, so are my Servitors…

Repair Surveyor

So Many Servitors!

ALL THE SERVITORS! The Reflex Servitors up front explode, reminding me of the EXP Loaders…

Attunement Servitors

Up close and personal with the Attunement Servitors!


The Ground Support: Engineers

Then there were little guys that would come out and drop turrets and things, getting lost in the shuffle as you fought off all the giant robots! Well, my army has much the same…

Hyperion Engineer

Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex

Where I started my painting trials: the Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex!

And of course… a CL4P-TP

Better known as Claptrap, when I realized I could make one, I knew I had my theme force. The conversion was both ridiculously simple and turned out really well!


CL4P-TP Corollary

Down to the weak, noodly arms! This model makes its way into basically every army, so I think it’s awesome that this turned out so well!


Not Everything can be Hyperion… The Vault Beckons

The other thing that got me thinking Hyperion was the Clockwork Angels that I have been so excited about, and their leader, Aurora. These awesome Angels remind me of Angel in Borderlands… and also of the Vault Guardian enemies that you find in later parts of the games!

Some gorgeous fan art of Angel.

Some gorgeous fan art of Angel.

Vault Guardian

…and a Vault Guardian.


Steelsoul Protector

So the Steelsoul Protector will follow this scheme…

Clockwork Angels and Aurora

…as will Aurora and her Angels.

Vault Guardian Angels

So I used a technique I learned where you carefully drybrush white with a huge paintbrush onto the black primer. It draws out the areas that would catch the light, and show you the highlights of the model. I think they really pop for as little as I have done to them so far! Then I added some purple to the weapons… and ran out of time!


And of course, Handsome Jack.

Syntherion as Handsome Jack

Syntherion as: Handsome Jack.


Alright, that’s the Technological Superiority I have going on! Lots more still to paint, but for now, there’s some contrast and paint on every model, and they’re built and ready to play! If people stop by to talk, I can talk painting with them as well. And tactics and strategy! I’ll be trying to post pictures to Instagram as well as that linking in to Twitter so check it out there!



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  3. Holy moley, that is a cool idea! I think fantasy settings could benefit from more sci-fi tropes like this.

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