Daily Archives: January 20, 2015

Amulet, First Impressions

Cover to Amulet Book One

David and I have discovered a new graphic novel called Amulet. We actually heard about it because the author / artist Kazu Kibuishi is actually coming to town for a state library conference. Hearing about this we decided to check out the graphic novel that he wrote and discovered Amulet.

I have only read book one of the series, but am very interested with where the story is going. The beginning of the story starts out innocuous enough – just a family dealing with a family tragedy and a move to an old family mansion. When they move into the mansion though things are set into motion that unlock a whole new world of horrors and possibilities. One of the comparisons that we have made is that it is kind of Locke and Key, but for a younger audience. Unlike Locke and Key, Amulet definitely has a lighter side to it that makes it a bit friendlier. Continue reading