2 Year Anniversary of Comparative Geeks!

Can you believe it! Well, maybe you can. I can’t believe it! Two years ago over this last long weekend of the first half of the year, Holly and I started up a blog. We created our About page and posting policy.

We spent the first week laying out some of our plans, including our LitFlix, as 2013 was a great year for movies based on books and comics. We’re still doing that project, having just lined up this year’s plans – a bit skimpier!

In our second week, we already published one of our very top posts – A character study of Gretel from the movie Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters. Silly movie, great character study.

Flash forward two years, and we have a great group of bloggers we interact with regularly. We have been Freshly Pressed (though on a guest post) and referenced a few times on some bigger sites. We’ve certainly learned some things, but while there are ways we could change and grow and use all of that learning, we also really enjoy what we are doing here.

We have so much we still have and want to talk about! And there’s always new and more things as well. But the big change for us this year Holly’s already mentioned – and that will change the blog a bit as well. So let me hit a couple of thoughts on what we are planning for this coming year of Comparative Geeks!

Shadow Doesn't Blog

Catching up from last year!

  • We have a few LitFlix we’re still planning on covering from 2014 movies. As we rent and review those, we’ll get them to you, and update the page too!
  • We have a number of video games still on the table – like Lightning Returns and of course (with us not getting to it until later in December) Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’m also still working on a re-play of Mass Effect 3, as well as finally playing Metal Gear Solid IV. There are more I’m not thinking of, so we’ll review those in due time – once we have played them enough to have something to say!
  • Continuing shows! There may not be much to add about the shows, but we have a slate we were watching in the fall we’ll be back to here as they start up. ArrowFlash, and Agents of SHIELD are all having great years. Doctor Who and Game of Thrones to look forward to, as well!

In with the New!

  • Geek 501! I haven’t given up on this project. My goal at the moment is to curate a page with some of our blog posts and, as it grows, those outside of our little blog.
  • Baby blogging. It’s inevitable. With one on the way, we’ll have posts about becoming geek parents. At first, I would imagine this will have more to do with how we are pulling off being a geek while parenting. But there will eventually be discussions about how to then raise a young fellow geek, since whether geeks are born that way or shaped by their surroundings, our kid is definitely doomed to be one of us!
  • A redesign? I am considering this, since we’re not quite using all of the features we’re using now. The site looks, by-and-large, like it did when we started. However, we’re not that great at keeping up our GoodReads accounts, and we don’t friend strangers on X-Box so why include that… we have so many categories and tags now that they’re not quite as useful as they could be, while the archive is quite large. In short, something new could be refreshing, and would not be a bad thing either. Any suggested themes?

And More of the Things Folks Love

  • Character studies! It’s been a while, but we’ll have more of these. April last year used up a lot of characters and I think we slowed down on them. Also, we recently asked what you would like to see in new alignment grids – you can still vote in the poll! These are some of our most popular posts so if you have any characters you would like to see, let us know in the comments below!
  • The April A to Z Challenge! We’re thinking we’ll do it again, but we’re not sure yet on a topic. If we don’t end up doing the challenge her, we’re also planning on helping out with the challenge on Sourcerer!
  • Our 5-post-a-week schedule! We’re running four solid posts a week, and then a fun post of some kind on Friday. The fun post lets us get some of those sorts of things out of our systems, and it keeps us honest to do good posts the rest of the week… a win-win!
  • Our reading reviews. We have been trying to read a book a month and a comic a month, which gets interrupted and confused by adding LitFlix into the mix which slows us down. Nonetheless, we have a big stack of comics out from the library right now, and are both reading a few books
  • Guest posts! These are beloved posts, often making us wonder why we even bother writing posts ourselves… I kid! But we not only love running guest posts, we are going to need guest posts this year. Our plan is to have them in reserve so we can start running them when we suddenly go out of commission at baby-time. If you or someone you know would like to write a guest post for us – that is not time-bound and could wait to run at a later date – let us know in the comments below!

I’ve asked a few questions… we’d love to talk about what you like here on Comparative Geeks and what you’d like to see change! This post seems like a great place for that discussion, so whatever you’d like to say!

13 responses to “2 Year Anniversary of Comparative Geeks!

  1. Happy blogiversary! Love this post. And excited for geeky baby blogging. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on Milestone #2!

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  3. Congratulations on the milestone! And I can’t believe I missed the news, but congratulations on the baby too. That’s wonderful – so very exciting. I’m new to your blog, found the wonderful place that is Comparative Geeks through Gene’O and I can’t wait to see how it develops this year. I’d be happy to do a guest post 🙂

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  4. Happy blogiversary! 😀

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  5. Happy bloggity anniversary! 😀


  6. Congratulations on the anniversary! 🙂 2015 is Lookin’ Good! 😀


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