Verdict: Galavant

Last night David and I got to watch the two-episode premiere of Galavant, a new comedy musical extravaganza. The best description might be Monty Python meets Princess Bride meets Robin Hood: Men in Tights. The story itself takes the typical heroic love story and immediately turns it on its head. The episodes had me laughing out loud and fully engaged in what ridiculous antics they were going to get into next. The wit and jokes just keep on coming and the characters themselves each have little quirks or eccentricities that make them over the top and hilarious. So if you cannot already tell we loved this show and are looking forward to the other 6 episodes!

Alternative Fairy Tales

I think one of the things that I love about Galavant is that it definitely follows in the path of other alternate fairy tales, which are stories that I love. It is just so much fun when you take a story or idea that people know so well and then twist it all up. In the first two minutes of the first episode they introduce the twist. The hero’s love is kidnapped and forced to marry the “evil” king. The hero runs to save her at the wedding and she actually declines to be saved, instead going for a life of fame and fortune. This is never how the story is supposed to work out! The hero is supposed to get the girl, so what happens when she realizes that the king can offer a better life? It makes for a great beginning to the story and ends up quite hilarious.

Singing Lewdness

The next part that I love about the show is the way they utilize the music. The songs are not just humorous, but a great way to do exposition, lewdness, and rude comments and at the same time make them hilarious. There is something hilarious about someone singing a Disney-style happy song and basically talking about lascivious acts or calling someone a name. If people were just saying the same kind of lines it would not work as well, but with the music it just makes it hilarious with the contrast of the emotional resonance of the song and the words that are being sung.


The other part that is great is the characters themselves are great exaggerations. Galavant is an arrogant hero who does not know how to deal with the failure of losing his love. King Richard might be evil, but he is actually a bit of priss. We see scenes where the cook is feeding him and others where he tries to hit someone and fails. He obviously has other people to do his dirty work for him. Including his right hand man who is a complete man’s man, which contrasts greatly with King Richard. The two female leads are great because they are strong competent women who are doing their own thing instead of following along with a guy or waiting for a guy to save them. It makes them really a great example of what a female lead could be.


David and I are definitely going to continue watching. It really is a new take on a witty, fantasy, musical that is trying to flip the script on the hero’s journey. The show really is laugh out loud funny and I really want to see what the show will do next. The level of ridiculousness is what makes the episodes so much fun to watch.

5 responses to “Verdict: Galavant

  1. I wish I hadn’t missed the first night I though it was next week dang it I hope to see it before Sunday I was looking forward to it and it sounds like it was great! thanks for the review!


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  3. Damn, damn, damn, I’m sure it will be an age before this gets to the UK and it sounds fun!


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