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New Fantastic Four: Yea or Nay

There has been talk for a while now about a new Fantastic Four movie, although not much more than there is going to be a movie and here are the actors. Even though they are coming out this summer they did not even put forth anything at last year’s San Diego Comic Con. Now suddenly we are finally getting a trailer, more of a teaser, about the new movie. So I know I have my opinion, but I am curious what everyone else thinks. Are you excited about the movie? Do you need to see more before judgment? Or are you over the whole idea of a Fantastic Four solo movie? Watch the trailer, vote in the poll, and leave a comment letting us know what you think.

Does a Character’s Sex Inherently Matter to the Story?

Recently there has been a lot of discussion around the new all-female led Ghostbusters movie. One of the comments that I have seen from a few people is that they have a problem with switching the characters from male to female because it was not originally intended to be female characters. The problem I have with this mindset is that it seem to say that the sex of a character inherently matters to the story, but this is not always the case. I think there are times where the sex does matter, but a lot of the time whether the character is male or female is not in and of itself important to the story. Some of the problem with this mindset, in my opinion, is that it kind of says there are certain characteristics, roles, and actions that can only be played out by one sex or another. Now, again, this is sometimes true, but for the most part I really don’t think it matters. Continue reading

New Game Discovered: Tragedy Looper

Cover to Tragedy Looper Game Box

This weekend David and I participated in and volunteered at a local gaming con where we discovered a brand new game called Tragedy Looper. This is a great one against many deduction game that really gets the idea of what might happen if you looped back in time to try and change what happened. The only thing to remember is that you have one person trying to make sure that certain things do happen. The great thing is that you basically have a lot of different combinations that you can go through to create the whole script for the game. The players of the game are the protagonists of the story trying to influence a cast of characters, who they are also trying to figure out their true role in the story. Is the character just a regular person or are they the killer you need to stop, and you have only so many days and so many loops of those days to solve the mystery and stop the mastermind. Continue reading

After-Action Report: Platypus Con!

It’s no surprise I suppose, given all the posts we did in advance of it, and all the pictures I posted on our new Instagram. Still! this last weekend was the Platypus Con, and we were there all three days! A gaming con through-and-through, it was full of board games, card games, and war games.

We’re tired, and honestly, I don’t have a lot to add on it.  I played a lot of Warmachine – my job was to be there and demo it, after all. These were the first games I played on the full, real 4×4 game board – you have a lot more board to worry about then! We also played a couple of our largest games yet, before going back to really low points – including a game against a new player who just got his army! I am now 3-3 against my friend who got me into the game!

Aurora vs. Siege

Holly spent most of her time at the convention in the Lending Library, a massive collection of games. They had this set up with a system with a scanner, to really check out the games to people, tied to their tickets. And the number of games? So many. And people really were coming in, grabbing games, trying them out, and playing.

Lending Library

The convention was really well attended, and planning has begun already for next year! There’s a lot I think that can be done with a second year – once people see it’s been successful. During the con, people were realizing they could come in and use the space to game – so right next to us playing Warmachine, a couple of guys showed up and played a 3000 point game of Warhammer Fantasy! I think there are a lot of gamers and gaming groups in town that can hopefully do something more for next year’s event. Including, hopefully, some more Warmachine and Hordes players!

Holly is going to tell you tomorrow about the game that we found and played at the Con, but I’ll leave that to her tomorrow!

Showing Off: Warmachine Painting!

Alright, so I haven’t done a ton of the painting yet, but I wanted to get a bit of paint onto everything before the Platypus Con starts tonight! A lot of the work was really from my friend airbrushing most everything yellow. That’s right, yellow.

There’s a good reason for that – and not just that he luckily had yellow airbrush paint sitting around unused. I have figured out a theme for my army – Hyperion. Hyperion from Borderlands, and especially from Borderlands 2 and from the PreSequel. And lines like Handsome Jack saying “just slap some Hyperion Yellow on it.” So I did that.

So allow me to show off some of what I have painted so far! This is my Convergence of Cyriss Warmachine army, Hyperion style.

Just slap some Hyperion yellow on it!

Just slap some Hyperion yellow on it!

Note: I do not have all the credits for the images I have been working from for painting inspiration, but everything is originally from Borderlands games, copyright as due.

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