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WordPress Family Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

If you’ve given us awards and feel that we’ve utterly forgotten them, fret not! We’re just ridiculously behind in accepting them. One of the main reasons is a feeling that you need to put a lot of thought and work into figuring out who to nominate, facts about yourself, all these other bits. Then there’s notifying everyone, which can be a whole bunch of work…

WordPress Family Award

Well, earlier this year we were hit with a double-whammy of awards from Part-Time Monster, where they combined two awards into one set of nominations. We see no reason not to do the same, especially as these two awards go together really well. One is the WordPress Family Award, and the other is the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. This year we have connected with a lot more bloggers, through connecting with Part-Time Monster and others, as well as through the A-to-Z Challenge.

very inspiring blogger award

So the rules on these awards were presented as simple: nominate 15 other blogs and let them know. I am going to be linking to each of their About pages, so these pingbacks are counting as my notifications… And really, I’m not caring if you’ve gotten one of the other before. This is about us listing the folks who make up our WordPress family. Thank you all for a great year of blogging, and hope you are all looking forward to a great new year like we are!

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