What Are You Seeing for Christmas?

I know Christmas is a time for seeing movies. I know it’s something I have done with my family over the years. Likely something you have done as well.

My biggest evidence, though, is the amount of movies they release over Christmas! This year seems like a particularly ridiculous amount of movies, and that just a week after The Hobbit: The War of the Five Armies came out! It’s going to be a lot of competition. And hey, even The Interview is making it to theaters!

So I figure, I’ll ask you here: what movies are you thinking of seeing this Christmas? Take the poll! Multiple choice, for all you people who are going to see multiple movies!

Oh my goodness, that is a lot of true story and biopics! Which don’t feel like Christmas fare to me… I guess we’ll see how they do!


6 responses to “What Are You Seeing for Christmas?

  1. None of those…because none of them will be available for Christmas in my country, as far as I know. I can’t even watch Big Hero 6 before late January (which would have been my Christmas movie otherwise…man, that will be two years in a row without a Disney Christmas movie…*sigh*)


  2. I already saw it at a screening, but Into the Woods is a perfect movie to go out for at Christmas. On the other hand I can’t understand why someone decided to release American Sniper now instead of summer. I would be a bit nervous just being around the kind of people that would want to see that on Christmas!


  3. We are about to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. To my delight, my nieces infected my sister with a desire to see it, and we’re going to make the Sponaugle patriarch watch it with us.

    Tonight we are going to Hobbit Hobbit Hobbit.

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