Best and Worst LitFlix 2014

Yesterday David posted his list for the Comic Litflix of 2014 and today I am posting mine. Unfortunately during this year we missed out on seeing some of the movies, in the end I think it is mostly my movies. At the same time we did still see quite a few LitFlix’s this year. The Hobbit is still left to be seen and we are actually having that done as a guest post by Gene’O, who actually did a series on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. This will actually give you three separate perspectives on the movies and how they have done dealing with the book. Obviously then it is not making this list, but from everything I heard so far I don’t know that it would have anyway.

Best Overall – Fault In Our Stars

Of all of the LitFlix this year I think Fault in Our Stars is the best of those movies and it followed the book pretty accurately. The book had me in tears and the movie was absolutely no exception. The actors in it do a fabulous job and portray the characters exactly as expected at the same time the story is just a good story. They made sure to keep the movie pure and it made the story what it was meant to be.

Most Accurate – Mockingjay Part I

Now for most accurate, it was honestly a toss up between Fault in Our Stars and Mockingjay Part I. Both of these movies did a great job of following the books so closely. Probably Fault in Our Stars was most accurate, but because it got listed as Best Overall I did not want to give it both awards. The second place would have to go to Mockingjay Part I, which makes sense because it only had to cover half a book. They had made some changes, somewhat more based on changes that had already happened and which becomes compounded with the later books. At the same time they were also able to include a lot of scenes that might have otherwise been left out because they had time to include everything.

Worst Overall – Vampire Academy

This year in Litflix did not have anything particularly terrible, but the worst in my opinion was Vampire Academy. I enjoyed the books they were a fun read, but then the movie came out and it switched some things around and it lost something in translation. The movie was not terrible it just was not much of anything. I voraciously read the books and love the characters, but they did not translate them to the big screen. I am not sure how you would change the movie, but there just seems to be something lacking in the movie to make it worth while. Thus, why I actually suggested that Vampire Academy should have been a tv show because I think in some ways it needed more time.

Least Accurate – Edge of Tomorrow

Finally, to end our year in Litflix’s it is time to look at the least accurate movie and that definitely has to go with Edge of Tomorrow. They took the basic idea of the book All You Need is Kill and completely flipped the script around. The book really was about a war happening world wide and took place in Japan, but was not about solving the war it was about the continuing battle and the effect it takes. The movie on the other hand decided to switch things to Europe and make it more about ending the war. The basic concept was still the same, but they definitely decided to increase the scale and missed the point that the book was trying to make about war.

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