Epic Rap Battles of History – Director’s Cut

So to speak. See what I did there?

The most recent of the Epic Rap Battles of History was Steven Spielberg vs. Alfred Hitchcock. But they couldn’t leave well enough alone… ending up with a few more directors thrown in. And of course, at least they’re not Michael Bay. Right?

Please note: NSFW. Language. As with pretty much all of their work. Also, all of rap.

We thought this was great, and the question is as always a good one. WHO WON? YOU DECIDE! We have the poll for you after the jump!

And let us know in the comments below, why’d you pick who you did? Are they your favorite of the directors – or did they just have the best rap?

This season of Epic Rap Battles has been great so far – here’s the playlist of all of them if you’ve missed it:

2 responses to “Epic Rap Battles of History – Director’s Cut

  1. In real life I’d go with Alfred but I like the way Kubrick was presented. I don’t think he did particularly good with the rap, but I love the deranged look of someone who could do Clockwork Orange.


  2. I hadn’t seen this one – which is surprising, since my husband is a bit of an epic rap battle addict. I have to agree – they jumped the shark throwing in all the extra directors (and excess cussing.) Honestly, they probably have to do so to please their key audience. A shame, really, because a longer, stronger take on Speilberg vs Hitchcock would have been entertaining!


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