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Goblins Inc

Goblins Inc Box Cover

A couple months ago David and I decided to buy the game Goblins Inc because it sounded like fun. The first time we played it it was a blast. I don’t know if I can fully describe what it is because there are so many elements to it. The basic idea is that you are building a robot and then fighting said robot against another player. Now in the following discussion I am going to look at the 2-player rules because that is all we have played so far and understanding the 2-player rules seems like a good step in being able to upgrade to 4-player.

Goblins Inc RulesThere are 2-3 turns in the game, depending on time and number of players you might consider 2 or 3 turns. Now during the turns there are 2 phases, a build phase, and a combat phase. During each of these phases all players are playing simultaneously. You are both building your robots at the same rate, and fighting each other at the same time. During each of these phases there can be 4 rounds in each phase (which I will explain in more detail for each phase).

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