Where the Heck is Barton?

I referred to this question last month, but let’s explore it further… where the heck is Clint Barton, Hawkeye? In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has completely disappeared since The Avengers, while all of the other Avengers and pretty much all of their supporting characters and villains have appeared since then.

We even have the slate of Marvel Phase 3 movies, and still no Hawkeye there, either. And he hasn’t been in Agents of SHIELD, though they have mentioned him. But if he’s one of the best SHIELD agents, and SHIELD has fallen… where the heck is he?

So I’ve been brainstorming some answers to this question, and would like to present them in meme form. So please follow along to join me in asking the question: Where the Heck is Barton?

Where the Heck is Barton_ #1

We love the Hawkeye comic, and every issue starts like this: with the line, “Okay, this looks bad.” Wherever Hawkeye is, he’s off doing something that pretty much no one else would be able to walk away from. Doing the impossible, the ridiculous.

But meanwhile, not doing it so well as his super-powered Avengers buddies might do it.

Where the Heck is Barton_ #2

Maybe he’s Bourne Again? Ouch, the puns…

But really, maybe they just couldn’t get Jeremy Renner for a short scene, like they were able to do with Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner in Iron Man 3. But I would love to see him show up for one of those one-minute scenes at the end of an episode of Agents of SHIELD. Just checking in with Coulson, maybe some news from Nick Fury.

Where the Heck is Barton_ #3

Except, pretty much everyone has appeared in Marvel Phase 2. And we’ve gotten Sif in Agents of SHIELD, along with Nick Fury…

Still, there’s always the complaint of where the heck everyone is for each of the “solo” movies. Why did no one show up to help poor Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, what has Thor been up to since the end of The Dark World, questions like that. It sounds like we’re going to start seeing a whole lot more of the characters in “each other’s” movie, starting with Captain America: Civil War (or really, with The Winter Soldier), but the question remains…

Where the Heck is Barton?


The thing that’s been said is that they will tell us where Clint Barton has been in-between Avengers movies. This clip is from the Age of Ultron trailer, and it looks, to me, look the flashback of where Barton has been.

But that’s not help, because seriously, where is this? Is he seriously out in the woods trying to be Bourne? Is he a wildling up in the North?


We really have no idea. I can think of things he could be doing post-Winter Soldier, but what was he doing before that? Or more importantly, during, when his good friend Black Widow got to have all the fun?

We just don’t know. But I for one am excited to find out! How about you?

9 responses to “Where the Heck is Barton?

  1. Just a guess, for fun… Barton works deep cover well, so he disappeared after the battle of New York, met up with Fury, and was assigned to infiltrate Hydra unseen. Now he can show up as a Deus ex Machina in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or anyone’s solo movie!


  2. I’m guessing he’s busy trying to get to the Maximoff siblings (maybe this was happening behind the scenes in CA: Winter Soldier). But I agree with you. It’s odd that there hasn’t been a single cameo in any of the Phase 2 films or even on AoS. Maybe Jeremy Renner just isn’t that interested..


    • Maybe Jeremy Renner’s not that interested, and that would be too bad, since Hawkeye is having his moment of glory (or at leaat popularity) in the comics right now.

      But I agree he is the likely candidate for getting good intel on the Twins and Von Strucker’s Hydra decoy bases.

      Or he could just show up, scepter in hand, and be like “no problem an arrow can’t solve.”

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  3. Excellent post, and I love the humour. ‘Where the heck is Barton’ indeed. We might not be asking the same question this time, because the answer will be ‘he’s on the ranch’. But I’m certainly going to miss having him around. I really hope he gets called back in, though I have an awful feeling that might be because of a threat to his family. Still, maybe Nat will call on him, or maybe he’ll be forced into action because of Civil War – he is part of the team. I hope I don’t have to start a campaign – a ‘Bring back Barton’ kind of affair!

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    • Was he part of that “New Avengers” team at the end? I can’t remember. There were a lot of soldiers in that team… looks like that will be one side of the Civil War.


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