I Have a Warmachine Army!

We have had a lot going on – lots of movies on the horizon, good video games season and replaying some games, all the fall shows… We’re going on vacation soon, so it adds a lot of urgency to it all, too. Two movies opening this weekend we have to watch – and a Doctor Who finale. Oh, and I still need to read Big Hero 6 for the LitFlix…

Well, amidst that I am also getting a chance to finally play Warmachine! And if I’m going to do that, I needed to finish getting my army together. I had my hardest models yet to construct. So far, I was here:

Vectors Built

As I showed last time, I was able to apply some similar construction techniques to get several of my mechs together. Lots of similar pieces and ideas, and lots of plastic – which holds together easier. I had pewter to go – and my leader, knick-named “Swiss Army Knife.” I have more pictures to share as I finished my Warmachine army!

Building Syntherion – the Swiss Army Knife

So the Warcaster leader that came in the Convergence of Cyriss Battle Box is named Syntherion – named for the Synergy ability he has, and the way he creates synergy between his mechs (Vectors). So I will be learning the game while learning how to get my models to synergize – that doesn’t sound like a bad thing.

The model for Syntherion, however, is half mechanical itself – actually, about 95% mechanical. Maybe more? I think he gives the Borg a run for their money when it comes to crazy attachments…

Syntherion in Pieces

In all the pieces-parts glory. Lined up for where to glue things!

Each arm has four attachments? Good grief! However, I finally figured out how they were supposed to go in – two of them angled down and forwards, another two angled up and out. They mesh together into a tangled mess of mechanical don’t-mess-with-me-ness.

Left "arm" constructed.

Left “arm” constructed.

Right "arm" constructed.

Right “arm” constructed.

I could maybe have lined up the attachments on the right arm a bit better, but it works. Figuring out where the top was on the base made a huge difference! And so, I was able from there to get Syntherion finished pretty easily.

Syntherion Finished

Steelsoul Protector (Pewter!)

So, plastics tend to stick to each other better with super glue than pewter does. The quick dry spray is often much more necessary for pewter construction than plastic, but then pewter often ends up with better sculpting as well. So it’s a trade off. I’m excited to see some of the models are pewter, especially the Clockwork Angels – but I’ll get to them!

I didn’t photograph this one as I was going. That’s because the separate parts were, more than anything, the two loose arms and the disconnected hands holding the spear. I’ve built pewter models like this before – it’s awful. You have to try to get the arms lines up where they should be attached, at such an angle that you can attach the hands and it all looks purposeful. Yikes.

However, I feel like I learned something from that experience. For one thing, I decided once I had one arm in a position I liked, I attached it. That made it the foundation from which the rest was lining up. Then, I used tiny bits of putty, to hold the pieces together just enough for me to line them up and have them hold together, before then applying glue and doing a final line-up. I think it turned out pretty good:

Steelsoul Protector

This is a really defensive piece, and hopefully one that proves useful as intended, and isn’t just dead weight. At the small army size, everything you include needs to have purpose and use! However, a lot of what I’ve read is that your Warcaster can be in a lot of danger, so having a bodyguard seems like a good idea. I guess we’ll see how it goes! And with this, I have 15 points for the lowest-threshold army size!

My 15 point army - constructed and ready to do battle!

My 15 point army – constructed and ready to do battle!

I don’t know if I would use this model with Syntherion at higher point costs – there are too many other models to include to amplify his casting and synergy, as well as his Theme which does not include this model. I’m wondering if it was a good buy, but I’m hoping it’ll see a lot of use with my Clockwork Angels – segue!

Clockwork Angels

Alright, so I’ve maybe mentioned them a lot of times here – well, I also apparently mentioned them a lot of times to my friend, because he bought me a pack for my birthday!

They work in groups of three, and I have been turning their rules over in my head over-and-over to understand how they work. They are fliers, which is often a strong tactical advantage. They also have the potential for some powerful sniping – but are also easy to kill. Glass cannons for sure. They are going to take really careful use of the terrain and line of sight!

They also make the most sense with the Angel leader, Aurora, so I think I know what my next purchase is – so I’ve been theory-crafting for how she works. Very different from Syntherion! Whereas he is there for a big mech brawl, Aurora is more for a flying coup de grace, with high risk and high reward.

Glass cannons indeed. Here’s a couple in pieces:

Clockwork Angels bits

Again, lots of pieces, but at least not trying to line up the two arms in tandem to hold a weapon! It’s a little less urgent that I finish these right now – since I don’t have an army for them to work in yet! That’ll take a little more shopping and a lot more construction! Still, I wanted to see what I could do, so I have the third Angel constructed:

Completed Clockwork Angel

Pretty awesome. On the one hand, I’m trying to figure out what sort of army I want to be playing. On the other hand, I’m wondering how much playing I’m really going to be doing – and in the face of that, shouldn’t I build the army that’s going to be awesome?

Final Thoughts – Platypus Con

The day is getting closer, and the Con that I am working on this all for is coming soon! Especially, as I mentioned, with a vacation in the way. I am glad I am going to be getting some playing in, and that I have the army built. I will be doing some painting in the coming months, for sure!

I want my army to be attention-grabbing, and I want my knowledge of the game to be enough to actually demo the game system! I feel like those are both a tall order. I am thinking that having mechs and the Angels could help with that a lot. It sounds like there’s the potential to do some wholesale shopping… that’s entirely too tempting. Especially when I don’t even understand the game yet…

Anyway, that’s a lot of what I have been up to, and some photos to show the process! Hope you are enjoying these posts – I guess let me know if you feel strongly about them one way or another in the comments below!


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