First Impression: Constantine

Full discolosure, the only experience I have with Constantine is the movie with Keanu Reeves, which personally I enjoy. It was a fun romp through a story of demons, angels, and other vaguely religious aspects. Last Friday the tv show Constantine premiered and David and I were both excited about it. Now when the show was announced of course we got articles detailing how it would follow the comics or not. Since I have not read the comics I do not have that to base on I just have what I know from these articles and from the movie. So far what I have seen I am enjoying it and I like where it might head.

The first episode does a good job of introducing us to a lot of different paths for the show to follow, which is good. Some of the problems with shows can be if they do not give you enough meat to sink your teeth into it can easily lose your interest. Constantine gives us plenty to sink our teeth into. The big thing is that there seems to be some big bad brewing in the underground, which the other side wants help with as well. The other piece is that we discover a mistake that Constantine made that cost a little girl her soul, which definitely feels like something that is going to keep coming up because I can’t imagine he is going to stop looking for a way to help her. The other piece is that they gave us a good introduction to the various supernatural elements that we will see throughout the show. (Spoilers for Constantine after the jump.)

Hint at Big Bad

The hint of a big bad brewing will lead us down the path that the show will take, I think. We get introduced at the end of the show to the idea that evil is brewing all over the country. This seems to say that we will be following Constantine all over the country as he deals with various demons and other manifestations of evil to get closer to the truth of what is really happening in the world. This will be interesting as we get to see what other supernatural forces will sprout up across the country. I at least hope that this will lead to a bigger issue brewing because that is what it feels like right now, but they could just leave it alone, but there seems to be something more.

Constantine’s Mistake

The other part we discover in this first episode is that Constantine is trying to forget or atone for a grave mistake that he made. One that not only cost him his own soul, but the soul of a little girl he was trying to save. Apparently the little girl was possessed and to try and get the demon out Constantine summons a more powerful demon to drag the possessing demon back to hell. This of course ends badly as most people can predict because when does a deal with a devil ever go well. The girl ends up being dragged to hell along with the demon and her soul is damned. The guilt of this weighs heavily on Constantine and this leads to an almost huge mistake being made. He would do anything to correct that mistake and it obviously clouds his judgment. This is definitely something that needs to keep coming up because it is the thing that haunts Constantine.

Supernatural Forces

The first episode did a great job showing a variety of ways that demons and possessions can work. There is definitely an idea of various demons having different powers and them using them differently. There is also an idea, as with many supernatural shows, of seeing beyond the veil. The idea being that there is a world that the average person cannot see, but that some people can tap in to. I think the best way to think of it would probably be to think of it as purgatory, where lost souls exist and wander, also probably where you can see the demons for what they are instead of what they are presenting to the world. The other supernatural forces is also angels, which are not exactly there to be helpful, but seem interested in stopping the true evil forces and using Constantine to that end. It will be interesting to see what kinds of creatures and other forces they decide to introduce in the show.


I am looking forward to what Constantine has to show. Again, I have never read the comics so am not sure what differences to expect that I know that they decided to not have Constantine actually smoke, even though he constantly plays with a lighter. I think my biggest fear is that it will come off a little too much like the show Supernatural, which seems to deal in very similar elements. Now I only really watched the first season of this show and I know the overall story will be very different, but if the week to week is too similar it could feel derivative.

One response to “First Impression: Constantine

  1. I was really excited to finally get to see Constantine on the small screen (I was a fan of the movie, too) and am looking forward to the rest of the season. I just hope they slow things down because the pilot seemed a tad over-packed; especially with the entrance and exit of Liv, all in one episode.
    Look forward to hearing about what you think of it as the season progresses!


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