Hydra, at it again – have an Avengers Trailer!

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That’s what Marvel had to say about the leak of their first trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was supposed to air next week, during Agents of SHIELD.

I’m not sure I get that plan, either, since most people watching Agents of SHIELD are going to go see an Avengers movie. Let’s just safely make that assumption. In reverse, if your goal is to get people watching the show to see the trailer… wait, people still watch television live?

Anyway, once the proverbial cat was out of the bag, Marvel gave up their original plan, and released the HD version of the trailer online themselves. Blame Hydra, but in this case they seem to have done something good… we’ve got the trailer and a few of our thoughts after the jump!

A few observations on the trailer:

  • Hawkeye! Finally. Clint Barton has been missing far too long. What has he been up to? Where has he been? Who knows! Expect some memes from us to help explore this question.
  • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Yep, they’re around doing stuff. I don’t know if they look interesting yet – or look like they’re going to add a bit much to the story. They’re the enemies we know about in advance, teased at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  • The Hulkbuster, or, Hulk vs. Iron Man. So wait, who are we fighting in this movie? We’ve already got the twins. Now it looks like there is an epic fight between Hulk and Iron Man. Awesome. But what’s going on? Too many therapy sessions? They’ve teased this fight a lot, leaking pictures of it, and now including it heavily in the trailer.

  • Ultron, or, How James Spader Stole the ShowOh my God James Spader’s narration!!! Chilling, gripping, amazing casting. So my thought: the heck with airing this trailer during Agents of SHIELD, where you know you have the audience. Air the trailer during The Blacklist, where you’ll get all the James Spader fans wanting to see the movie too! And Holly recognized the song, and was completely creeped out: it’s I’ve Got No Strings from Pinocchio. Which is playing, and which Ultron is quoting. They’ve pulled off the Ultron look in the Iron Man armors, as well – this is going to be great!

So how are all of these elements going to work together? Are we going to be left wishing James Spader had more time in the movie? Time will tell! And like, a lot of time: expect Avengers: Age of Ultron in theaters May 1, 2015!


13 responses to “Hydra, at it again – have an Avengers Trailer!

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    Not Gaming related – but I do love a bit of Marvel


  2. Since we were just talking about Nightcrawler in Age of Apocalypse… I’ve also been totally won over to Quicksilver from it. I thought he was cool in the Days of Future Past movie, but mostly from an effects point of view, not that the character himself was interesting. So, hopefully the existence of a teenage slacker version in the X-Men movieverse will mean this version is a bit darker…


    • Yeah, I really liked him there, leading the team instead of Cyclops. I’ve really been wanting to read All New X-Factor by my favorite author, Peter David. He’s got a team together including Quicksilver and Gambit – should be good. Not sure if it’s time or money keeping me away… that or a lack of a collected volume!

      I am extremely excited to see what they do with him in an Apocalypse story, and whether they go with Age of Apocalypse as a plot, or what!

      And I am of course going to be thinking endlessly about comparisons between the two movie Quicksilvers. It’s inevitable and unfortunate.


      • When there’s a collected edition, I’ll totally read that.

        The only thing I don’t understand with the upcoming Apocalypse movie is that Age of Apocalypse has roughly the same plot as the Days of Future Past movie they just did. So, I dion’t know how much of that they’ll be using at alll.

        I can never decide if multiple movieverses is a good thing or a bad thing.


        • Yeah, there are several Apocalypse storylines, they never go well for the heroes. Age of Apocalypse was interesting because it was an unintended consequence, and not something caused directly by Apocalypse. And the crux is the death of Xavier – he’s just too important of a character, of an ideology.

          However, I really do not see them killing Xavier or Magneto, not even in time travel or alternate history. I think they are loving the interplay of those two so much! But working together? Very likely!


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  6. This looks EPIC! Thank you for sharing and your breakdown. I love poor Hawkeye – for a dude with a bow and arrow, he doesn’t get nearly enough credit. I know that he’s not as sleek or cool as those with superhuman powers, but he holds his own.

    I agree completely about the Pinocchio song – that was a wise touch. And this was a smart ‘leak.’

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