Building My Warmachine Army

I’ve run out of super glue, so for now, I thought it would be fun to chronicle a bit of my Warmachine construction. As I talked about before, the basic starter box (or Battle Box) comes without any instructions on how to build the models. I was a bit lost and concerned with this – there’s a lot of parts!

Luckily, when my additional models arrived, I found that the individual packs do come with building instructions!

Diffuser Box

More pictures to come, to show off my progress, and so you can see what I was working with!

Building the Diffuser

So since I got the Diffuser separate – and with the diagram on the package (above) – I started there. I like the idea of this model, as it basically paints the target for the others to attack. Good to have around.

I started with what made the most sense – lay out the parts like in the diagram.

Diffuser in parts

They did a pretty good job of making the diagram three-dimensional, and to help, they included the image of the constructed model. With that, I could see things like that the little triangular pointing pieces were a sort of knee armor, and I could get those attached to the legs. Then seeing how the part that seems like a head is really below, with the legs dangling off. With that knowledge, I could build the legs.

Diffuser Legs

A couple of things to note here. First, that the bases that these guys came with had slits in them. This is useful for some models, as they have a base that fits in there, to help balance and anchor the model. No such luck with these guys – they stand on their three legs all over the base. So I filled in all three bases with some putty. Once primed, this should practically disappear before I ever have to do anything more with the bases.

Meanwhile, holding together a base and three legs to get them even – and then to hold them still while applying super glue and holding them to dry – is a bit more than two hands can accomplish. I went ahead and built it one leg at a time, and while the picture maybe doesn’t show it well, the third leg I put on (to the right) is askew, to make it even for the feet. Of all the things in my old modeling box to survive, I am very happy that the super glue solidifying spray survived. It’s the only way to really do this!

Once those pieces were all sorted out, the torso came together pretty easily:

Diffuser Torso

Cyclopean head, strange mechanical dongles, and one big gun. Ready to go!

Diffuser complete

Building the other Light Vectors

I suppose I should use the right terms… my army, the Convergence of Cyriss, has “vectors” rather than “warjacks” for their fighting mechs. I like the trio of light vectors I have, because they all have 360-degree vision. I guess because of the three legs and the idea of a swiveling torso?

Once I had the basic pieces figured out on the Diffuser, it was quick work to sort out the other ranged model, the Mitigator:

Diffuser and Mitigator

See? Totally different cannon! Yeah, I was a little bummed as I came to see just how similar the two are. The hard bit is going to be telling them apart and keeping them straight!

From those two, then, it was only a bit more work to figure out the buzz-saw-toting Galvanizer, who is both a damager and a healer – I like that. Yay repairing with a saw!

Diffuser, Mitigator, & Galvanizer

More to go!

These three have some solid abilities, and with all three having 360-degree vision, I foresee me using them in just about any army I would field. Having some versatility, and the ability to react to things wherever they happen, is just great. So this is a great backbone, a great trio to have built.

I ran out of super glue building the heavy vector… the Cipher.

Cipher in progress

The more I learn about the rules and think about it, the more I like this guy. Its main gun (not yet attached… it has a cannon that will just stick out of its chest) has three options for what it does when you fire, and you can potentially fire it twice in a turn (most guns are only once). Meanwhile, with the two arms (woefully unattached in the picture) he can attack twice in a turn naturally.

The game is built on the leader, the warcaster, telepathically controlling the mechs in battle, feeding them some of their concentration (“focus”) to go above-and-beyond the normal. Fun concept, but I like that this is a model that is powerful on its own without the help. Add in some focus, and a spell or two from the warcaster, and I think I can make this one truly frightening!

Speaking of warcaster, I have not started on him. He has a slim torso, all one piece, but then he has arms like a Swiss Army Knife – weapons coming off in all directions. That’s what happens when you’re a steampunk cyborg guy.

After that, so far I only have one more solo model… and as I read up, not the one people would recommend. Ah well, I think there’s something to overcoming expectations. And from some of the battles I’ve read about – found a good blog detailing some Warmachine exploits – having someone around to defend the warcaster will probably be good.

And the model is pewter! I wasn’t sure if Privateer Press had any pewter models, with all the plastic I was seeing. Those pose their own problems (generally it’s harder to get them to stick and stay) but it’ll be nice to have a model with some heft to it. The smallest model. Ah well.

Alright, I hope this was fun or educational, or at least that you liked the pictures! I am definitely having fun getting back into war games so far – have done some modeling and some strategizing. Next: I’d like to play!

That or paint. We’ll see how it goes.


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