Lego Movie Videogame

Recently David and I got and played Lego Movie Videogame and it was great. We actually kind of marathon played it and ended up finishing the whole thing. It is not that it was that short, but more the fact that when we had a choice between playing and other things we kind of ended up playing more often than we should have. We tend to do that with a lot of the Lego games in general. This one was interesting because only others that are based on a live action movie that they turn into legos, this is a lego movie where you get to play through the story as legos. It was a very fun game, but it did have a couple of issues that we ran into at a couple points. Those things ended up being minor to the overall enjoyment, but definitely stood out from other Lego games that we have played.

Lego Movie Lego Game

The fact that the game is based off a movie made with legos meant that instead of having to create new cutscenes using legos they just took scenes from the movie. This means that unlike other games it really feels like you are playing the movie. Now obviously they do not show the whole movie, but they definitely show enough of the movie to feel like you are actually in it. For David and I it made us want to watch the movie because you just got to see all these glimpses of the actual movie while playing the game. They also did some great plays on things that actually happened in the game, which is part of what is great about the game.

Single Player Moments

One of the issues that we ran into playing the Lego Movie Videogame is that there were quite a few moments where one player had to run off and do a lot of things before being able to open a path for the second player. In a single player game this would not be so bad because you are switching between the two characters at various points to solve the puzzles. The problem is that David and I play these games to do them as two player. Now it was not every level, but it happened enough times that it was definitely noticeable. It did not ruin the enjoyment of the game, but some of the areas started to go on a really long time and it made us wonder if we missed something because we felt like we were moving too far along. We finished the game and I have to say it was only ever in Story Mode that this was really any kind of issue.

Cat Lady Glitch

I think the most frustrating thing that happened in the game is when we ran into the Cat Lady Glitch. So to get the red bricks in Lego Movie Videogame you had to accomplish quests for various characters out in the world and completing various tasks and puzzles. These characters would only give you the quests once you had bought their minifigs. One of these quests is the Cat Lady who lives next door to Emmett in Bricksburg. She is missing her 5 cats in various locations around the city and the red brick that you get is the x10, which just racks in the studs. The issue apparently happens if early on in the game you break the bench and try and build a Batman pull spot before you actually have Batman. It acts like you already got the cat from that spot and the bench becomes unbreakable.

We were so frustrated because we thought we were not going to be able to get this spot, but we knew we had grabbed the cats from all the other areas. After looking around online what I discovered is that after returning the 4 other cats, exiting out and then going back in a person was able to repeat one of the cat locations. I initially tried their suggested location to no luck, but then decided to go to some others and lo and behold and second cat appeared in a location that I had already gotten a cat. We were able to finish that quest and get the red brick, but it was still so frustrating to try all these different things and find that the one spot we had not done was glitches out. The area that glitches out is one of the starting places in the game and because David and I try to destroy and build everything it ended up being one of the first spots that I tried building with Emmett to discover that he cannot build things without instructions. It was just such an easy glitch to fall in to.


The basics of it is that Lego Movie Videogame is pretty awesome as far as lego games go. It almost takes it back to simpler mechanics. Lately we have been getting bigger and badder characters in the lego games. We are starting to have some characters who are almost so powerful that they can play all the parts. This was nice because every character seemed to have a few things that they could do and no one was all powerful. They are just legos after all and not the representation of the characters in other forms. This game was definitely worth while and if you like the Lego games in general you will enjoy this. Just beware the Cat Lady Glitch.

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