Daily Archives: October 14, 2014

Verdict: The Flash

Last week brought the premiere of the new CW show The Flash, which David and I have been super excited for. Now one thing that kind of got me about the first episode is that I think over half the episode is seen in the trailer. There was a couple things that were a surprise and there is a great moment at the very end of the episode, but even with all that the episode is great. I loved Barry Allen when he was introduced in Arrow and now we get all Barry Allen and it is fabulous. He is such a great character as The Flash and the episode does such a great job of show a superhero coming in to his powers for the first time. The first episode not only introduces us to Flash, but to how the potential for other super powered could be appearing in the world. I am excited to see where this series go and how they explain the death of Barry’s mom. (Spoilers for The Flash after the jump) Continue reading